Conversations About Collaboration

Phil Simon

Conversations About Collaboration is a timely and multi-disciplinary podcast about how we work together. Award-winning author and recognized collaboration authority Phil Simon chats with smart cookies about remote work, the future of work, productivity, technology, workplace culture, and business processes. Oh, and lots of pop-culture references somehow make their way into the episodes.
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Episode 55: Beyond Simple Screen Sharing With Till PieperEpisode 54: Everything Is Configurable With Nick IovacchiniEpisode 53: Indirect Influence With Vanessa BohnsEpisode 52: Despotic Taylorism With Christopher Mims of the Wall Street JournalSpecial Edition: Lightwerks Keynote RevisitedEpisode 52: Talking Teams With Matt WadeEpisode 51: Collaboration Overload With Professor Rob CrossEpisode 50: A Flux Mind-Set With April LinneEpisode 49: The Challenges of Hybrid Work With Dr. Peter CappelliEpisode 48: The Remote Oracle With Darren Murph of GitlabEpisode 47: The Whole-Person Workplace With Scott BehsonEpisode 46: The Collaborative Nature of Marketing With John JantschEpisode 45: Stories and Videos With Voodle CEO Forest KeyEpisode 44: The Intersection of Design and Collaboration With Ring Central's Michael PeacheyEpisode 43: Bridging the IT-Business Divide With Chris FenningEpisode 42: Chartering a New Future With Erin GrauEpisode 41: Debugging People With Rajiv AyyangarEpisode 40: The Future Office With Chris GoodEpisode 39: Organizational Improv With Coonoor BehalEpisode 38: Amazon Unbound With Brad Stone