Tiffany’s Take: 32 Ways To Make Progress – Part 2 | Ep. 306

Money Talk With Tiff

Feb 27 2024 • 18 mins

In this episode of Money Talk with Tiff, Tiffany Grant continues her insightful breakdown of "32 Ways to Make Progress." In this continuation from the previous episode, Tiffany covers the remaining strategies, such as tracking finances, building a personal brand, embracing failure as a means of growth, and the importance of interaction and lifelong learning.

She also delves into the significance of investing in oneself, the value of meditation, and the impact of having a mentor. Tiffany empowers listeners to think big, be productive, and spend wisely, emphasizing the importance of education and ambition. Finally, she urges everyone to take action and "just start now."

This comprehensive list encapsulates how Tiffany herself lives and breathes progress in every aspect of her life. Tune in for practical advice and inspiration on your journey towards financial and personal success.

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[00:00] Tiffany's Take podcast: Answering questions, making progress.

[05:31] Invest in yourself, others, and progress. Journaling.

[08:26] Get a mentor, it's super helpful.

[12:12] Maximize productivity by doing 1% extra daily.

[13:09] "Spending wisely by aligning with personal goals."

[16:47] "Strive for progress in daily self-improvement."

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