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Interviews with well known actors, authors, artists, athletes, musicians, and business leaders. Authentic conversations about their lives, careers, and how their faith played an important part. Inspiring and uplifting stories of hope, transformation, and triumph. We dig deep for the powerful life stories from some very amazing guests...truly "souls on fire".

Being a Peace maker in a violent world- Author Jason Porterfield
Jul 7 2022
Being a Peace maker in a violent world- Author Jason Porterfield
Jason Porterfield has dedicated his life to the cause of peace.  After giving up his comfortable suburban lifestyle at an early age to move into some of the darkest slums of the inner city he experienced first hand the most challenging living conditions in the poorest communities.   From Camden New Jersey, to Vancouver Canada's Downtown Eastside and then to Indonesia he lived and shared life  with the most desperate,  homeless, and drug addicted communities.  As a part of his experience, you'll hear the powerful story of the gruesome serial killer Robert Pickton  and how that story  impacted Jason personally and the community where he lived. In this episode you'll learn how Jason's mission  (Through Servants) was one of love and friendship within a population that was not necessarily starving for food, but for companionship.  Community dinners and sharing life through homelessness,  "pre-Hab" and "re-Hab"   became the open door for trust and conversation that would ultimately lead to questions and interest in this man named Jesus.    Porterfield's amazing book "Fight Like Jesus:  How Jesus Waged Peace Throughout Holy Week" focuses on the teachings of the ultimate peacemaker, Jesus Christ, who called on us to not only love our neighbor but to love our enemies as well.  Nothing exemplified that message more  than the amazing events of Holy Week described in Jason's  book like you've probably  never heard it before.  Jason Porterfield tracks each day of that week and focuses on how Jesus used the week of his crucifixion to share his vision of peace in very powerful ways. You'll love this book!!
The Thanksgiving Dinner that's affected millions - DAN O'NEILL
Feb 8 2022
The Thanksgiving Dinner that's affected millions - DAN O'NEILL
The ripple effect of a fund raising dinner at the home of entertainer Pat Boone continues to make a powerful impact on the world today.  Last year alone 50 million people in 40 different countries were touched by the staff of 5400 team members at MERCY CORP.  The star studded dinner, led to a dinner at the White House and gained the support of Jimmy and Roselyn Carter which gained the notoriety needed to spark the momentum that got the ball rolling.  In this episode of AMAZING GREATS you'll  hear about the ugliness of war,  and the 33 year mission to bring relief to those who were victims. I  talk with the one man who started it all in the late 70's, Dan O'Neill.  He'll share his personal story of faith, and challenges as he grew one of the most powerful relief organizations in the world.  From the birth of his miracle child to the reality of panic attacks and PTSD after spending time in devastated war torn countries.  Real and raw he takes us on his life journey. Dan is a writer who's written dozens of books,  and despite keeping copious notes documenting his story through the years, he has yet to pen a memoir.  It may be on his retirement game plan.  For Contemporary Christian music fans, you'll  love Dan's biography of his good friend and the grandfather of  modern Christian music,  John Michael Talbot.   It's called SIGNATURESYou can check it out on AMAZONThanks for listening, liking and sharing.   Check out our entirely library of podcasts plus some compelling videos, featured books, the hottest Contemporary Christian Music this week, and other similar podcasts you might like.                                                          WWW.AMAZINGGREATS.NETRic Hansen
C.S. Lewis's untold story revealed by actor Max Mclean
Dec 22 2021
C.S. Lewis's untold story revealed by actor Max Mclean
Max Mclean may well be the foremost authority on one of the greatest authors and intellectuals of the past century, C.S. Lewis.  After all, Mclean has spent a big part of his life capturing the essence of  Lewis through stage presentations and now in film.  Max Mclean is the founder and executive director of the Fellowship for the Performing Arts in New York who specialize in artistic performances through a Christian world view. Mclean is the star of the movie, " The Most reluctant convert.  The Untold Story of C. S. Lewis", now available for the first time through stream or DVD.   Whether you are a fan of C.S. Lewis's many works (Chronicles of Narnia and dozens more) or not, this powerful biopic will  reveal the life and genius of one of the worlds great thinkers.  You'll be captivated by his conversion from atheist to theist and ultimately  to one of Christianity's  most vocal apologist.   The theatrical debut of the movie was met with such a large audience that it remained in theaters well beyond its original run. Now, "The Most Reluctant Convert" is available on line at     This movie is likely to become the defining masterpiece that memorializes the amazing life of C.S. Lewis.  In addition to his incredible solo performances on stage and now in film, Max Mclean also makes the word of God come to life as the voice of the "Listener's Bible" (NIV).PS   If you are new to C.S. Lewis I encourage you to read his book' "Mere Christianity".  It is not a light read and you may need to spend some time with it,  but it is truly a work of art.
Gen Z-  a vision of hope?  Isiah Lacombe
Dec 14 2021
Gen Z- a vision of hope? Isiah Lacombe
With all the smack talk about the current crop of youth:  the hip hop, rap, violent video games, phone addictions and social media....we had a chance to see the other side of that coin.  In this episode of Amazing Greats we talk with 17 year old Isiah Lacombe.   His vision of a better world is backed by an action plan that has made an impact on thousands of people on the other side of the globe.  Is Isaiah an anomaly or is there something going on with this newest generation that is cause for optimism?   Hear how Isiah has teamed with World Vision to make a difference by providing clean water in Rwanda and how that grew into something even bigger including the initial formation of a young peoples initiative called the "Next Gen Network".  I was so encouraged by Isaiah's heart for caring and his diligence in following God's calling, I knew he had to be one of our AMAZING guests.   Listen to his articulate story of giving in this episode of Amazing Greats!Here are the names of all of the Next Gen members who participated in the Health Clinic project in Zambia:  Caleb Chung, Ellie Sytsma, Jared Fontenette, Brooke Smarick, Heather Smarick, Emma Howes, Emma Lee, Jaydn Beppu, Maddy Clawson, Claire Muscat, Haley Lilla, and Jackson Razwick. Lauren Bishop Borgogna is the group coordinated, and Missy Eck and Randy Haacke are World Vision donor reps who volunteer in the group as well. If you would like to find out more about World Vision and how you might be able to help check them out at:
World champion's nightly prayer.  Jim Ryun: "Master of the Mile"
Nov 20 2021
World champion's nightly prayer. Jim Ryun: "Master of the Mile"
How does a kid in school who can't make any sports team end up being one of the most celebrated athletes in the world?  A three time Olympian, and first high schooler to break the four minute mile (3:59), is here to share his unlikely life journey, that started with a nightly prayer.  You'll hear how "playing church" as a youngster changed forever when he became a "real Christian".     In this episode,  Jim Ryun shares the inspiring details of his AMAZING story and his walk with Jesus.  You'll hear about the ups and downs, the life lessons and the athletic triumphs that the whole world was buzzing about in the 60's and 70s that landed him on the cover of Sports Illustrated multiple times as he became know as the "Master of the Mile".  With the guidance of his long time coach Bob Timmons and  the  encouragement and undying support of of wife Anne he made running history and much more.Later he served 5 terms in the US congress, representing the 2nd district of his home state of Kansas and in 2020 was awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor. His legacy lives on through the hundreds of young runners who have participated in the "Jim Ryun Running camps" that started in 1974 and continue each summer to this day. To learn more about the camp and to register you are interested in more information about the revolutionary LYRIC "digital" hearing aid that changed his life check it out here: you'd like to order a signed copy of his book "Courage to Run"  there are some copies still available by writing to him at: Jim RyunPO Box 15312Washington DC  20003(Please include a check for the book and shipping with your request)Check the Amazing Greats Website Video Resource page to see a classic recap of his story.