How to be more decisive...

Who is the saboteur? The unconscious in everyday life

Jun 18 2020 • 4 mins

Do you know someone who suffers with analysis paralysis?  Someone who always ask for more and more information, rather than make a clear decision?

Or, you might be that person.

We'd all prefer to avoid making difficult decisions.  This is because we fear making the wrong decision.  The very anticipation of making the wrong choice is a powerful deterrent.   The bigger the decision, the more the anxiety about taking action.

In real life situations, the only decisions we can hope to make are imperfect decisions.  An imperfect decision is better than none because once implemented, they can be monitored, evaluated and modified, whereas inaction simply generates more inaction.

If you keep putting off a decision, it will stay bubbling away at the back of your mind, using up mental resources and making other decisions that much more difficult.