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Hoge & Jahns: a show about the Chicago Bears

The Athletic

Chicago Bears analysis from Adam Hoge & The Athletic's Adam Jahns. Subscribe on YouTube for video episodes & The Athletic for more from The Adams. Merch @ read less

Our Editor's Take

The Hoge & Jahns: a show about the Chicago Bears podcast talks about the NFL team year-round. Hosts Adam Hoge and Adam Jahns discuss every aspect of the current Bears roster. They preview upcoming games and give their instant postgame reactions. The hosts' positivity and charismatic personalities are likely to entertain listeners.

Both hosts have intimate knowledge of the game and intense passion for the team. Hoge reports on the Bears on CHGO Sports, a website covering Windy City sports. Jahns writes about the Bears for The Athletic, a comprehensive sports news site. He is often in the Bears locker room before and after games during the football season. Jahns also authored The Big 50: The Men and Moments That Made the Chicago Bears.

Hoge & Jahns: a show about the Chicago Bears offers fans exclusive looks at the team and predictions of the Bears' performance. The hosts share their thoughts on the strength of the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. They also discuss trades, injuries, and potential coaching changes for the season. In the offseason, Hoge and Jahns talk about the Bears' draft picks and how the team is shaping up for the preseason.

The hosts often call on experts from other teams to lend their opinions to the podcast. Matt Schneidman writes for The Athletic on the Bears' biggest rival, the Green Bay Packers. Hoge and Jahns keep their conversations cordial but fun and competitive. Cleveland Browns writer Zac Jackson and Detroit Lions reporter Nick Baumgardner also join. These guests help give listeners a well-rounded perspective on upcoming games.

The Hoge & Jahns: a show about the Chicago Bears podcast offers Bears fans a way to stay informed about their favorite team. The show releases episodes two or three times per week. Each episode runs for about an hour.

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