Episode 5: Gut Health Nutrition Mental Balance: Tips to Maintain

Just Dandy Podcast

Sep 24 2021 • 17 mins

Health Gut starts with proper Nutrition that equals Mental Balance. You are what you eat; good in turns about to good out. Mental Balance is positive input and the mind never grows old but actually stronger you just may have to "Turn the Channel" to divert interference. These tips come from practice what is preached adopting habits that payoff with happiness returns, a stronger body, a healthy gut and a mind full of knowledge. All these lead to happiness, productivity and energy of plenty in reserve. Reported good sleep is a bonus with good digestion to add and a sense of productiveness every day. Dust your library card off and consider audiobooks also referred to as E-Books. Podcasts are a great way to listen and learn from true stories, business, crafts, hobbies, self-help, education, history, mysteries and comedy too and that list grows everyday. Visit Spotify, Amazon Music. Iheart Radio, Apple Tunes and so many platforms to listen to your favortie podcasts including this one. PASSIONFLOWER comes in 60, 90 and 120 count capsules that can be found on the website: https://www.dandelionsoap.com/supplements
10 Staples that are Affordable, Delicious and always Available

apples  * celery  * Carrots  *Lemons  *oranges  *cabbage  *onions  *potatoes  *bananas  *grapes
Remember that breaking the negitive input with a created interruption can save you and practice becomes the habit to avoid negitivity as much as possible. Feed the mind activates happiness and productivity all aid to restful sleep. Sleep aids the body in healing discourages depression and requests food for the gut to aid the body in energy and less aches and pains daily which all lead to happiness! Healthy gut from proper nutrition that equals Mental Balance.
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Dandly Yours, Elizabeth G Morgan