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We do a little training, speak with charter school leaders, and touch on issues that affect Utah charter schools.

Conversation with Sonia Woodbury, Executive Director of City AcademyConversation with Tyler Bastian, Principal of Roots Charter High SchoolAll About UAPCSCrossover Episode: March 2, 2022 Legislative Updates
Today, we visit our sister podcast: Climbing the Hill. Climbing the Hill is all about the Utah Legislative Session and how it affects charter schools. We discuss the following with Royce Van Tassell, Executive Director, Utah Association of Public Charter Schools:BudgetFunding still looks like increase of 6% WPU.LRF increase 7%.HB 475 Economic Stabilization Account Allocations: This bill will allocate the $250M one-time funds in the following manner:$50M buildings fund for small districts in rural Utah$30M building for Utah School for the Deaf and Blind$90M to all LEAsDistributed 20% base funding (about $25K for charter schools) and 80% funding on student enrollmentMoney is unrestricted but will require reporting on how it was spent.HB 193 All-Day Kindergarten: This bill has changed significantly and will now include an expansion of the Optional Extended Day Kindergarten (OEK) program. The intention will be to still require all LEAs to offer all-day kindergarten, but in 4 years or so through another bill.HB 396 Paid Professional Development$64M (more $$ than last week!) one-time funding for LEAs (based on teaching force) to allow for professional development outside required school days.Charter schools can still use up to 35% state restricted funds for the next two fiscal years. All student needs still need to be met, but schools will be able to have flexibility to do so.SB 141/HB 386: Regulatory Sandbox/Innovation in schools will likely pass and allow for waiver of rules/statute to help designated innovative schools. Also allows up to 35% state restricted funds to go toward innovation.HB 374, Sensitive materials in schools has been amended to prevent schools from using pornographic material, according to statute definition of pornography. Will require schools to have a policy about this.Contact Royce at royce@utahcharters.org with any comments/concerns about bills.See www.utahcharters.org/legislative-updates for Watchlist of bills (under Advocacy tab).
Mar 4 2022
13 mins
Training: Robert's Rules of OrderConversation with Principal Janese Vance of Mountainville AcademyTraining: Board Meeting Structure
Board Meeting Structure is essential to create an efficient board meeting. Here are some highlights from the discussion with Joylin Lincoln, Director of Training at the Utah Association for Public Charter Schools (UAPCS).Importance of board structureAgenda suggestionsDirector's Report (30 minutes)focuses on academicswritten report in board packet so board can ask pertinent questionFinancial Report (30 minutes)fully review all componentsboard member should ask questions to fully understand budgetBoard Reportscommitteetraining attended/training in housePublic Commentputting public comment here allows the public to see the work of the boardpublic comment not required by the law, but good practiceexplain parameters/pattern of formality on printed agenda (i.e., time to speak, allowed number of comments, etc.)not a time for discussionno action can be taken on an item unless already on agendafollow up with thank you note and/or further addressing of concern by staff/board memberBoard Businesshousekeeping items (i.e. committee assignments, meeting times/dates, board calendar, non-voting items)Consent Agendaitems that require no discussion (i.e. minutes, previously reviewed but not voted on policy)board members may vote to remove items from consent for further discussionPolicy Review (sample policies at https://www.utahcharters.org/sample-forms-policies)Each policy should be reviewed every 2-3 yearsAsk the following questions:How well are we staying in compliance of our written policy?How do we know we are in compliance?What evidence do we have of compliance?Do we need to make a change?Action Items Policy votesContractsThe Utah Association of Public Charter Schools (UAPCS) is a non-profit organization that provides advocacy, training, and technical support to promote excellence in education across Utah. Visit www.utahcharters.org for more information.
Feb 10 2022
24 mins
Training: Open and Public Meetings ActTraining: So You Joined a Board...
This 27 minute audio training will help you know the first things you need to know when joining a charter school board. Taught by Joylin Lincoln, Director of Training, at the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools, this training covers: your role as a board memberdocuments to readNew Board Member DocumentsNew Board Member Traininglearning the difference between governance and managementgovernance=how wellmanagement=how willboard packetsall the information that supports the actionable items for the board meeting including agenda, minutes, financial reports-balance statement, income statement, cash flow report, administrator report w/academic report, policy reviews/new policybest received 3-5 days before board meeting to allow everyone to reviewhandling grievances and questionshint: direct them to talk to the school administrator first!give heads-up to the administrator tooindividuals have no power, only through motions in a board meetingfollow Open and Public Meetings Actchoosing the administrator at the schoolboard should see the contract of the administratorevaluate at least yearlyimportant items to considerconflicts of interestschool financial audit statementsdirector/officer liability insurancebeing a quality board memberacademic reports at the schoolThank you for serving on your local charter school board! The Resources tab on the UAPCS website, www.utahcharters.org, also contains supporting information we discuss as well as many other items of interest for charter school boards.
Jan 27 2022
27 mins
History of Utah Charter Schools