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Solomons Interlude - Kenneth King
Solomons Interlude - Kenneth KingPsalm 6Lament - Kenneth KingEvil Me!God's Moment - Rich Earvin21 - Germaine Martel (ft). MissionTrue Love - Cee Jonez (ft). MadahPsalm 5Right On Time - DJ LostNFound (ft). A-Ram, Conscience & Noah MoonOne Throne - Terry Minor JrPraise - Cee Jonez (ft). MadaNo Problems - JustHis League (ft). Cutright, Ike Hil, Chosen, D. Jax, Phresh, J. Remy and B. MeadsDone With That (ft). Sivion, Rel McCoy & Marksman Lloyd
Krosswerdz: Celebrating and Communicating Christ through the Hip Hop Culture.Established in May 2006, Krosswerdz is a community representing faith and fellowship through the various elements of the Hip Hop Culture.The Annual UPROCK Christian Hip Hop Summit was launched in November 2011 by Krosswerdz in Sydney and has run each year since with other UPROCK events and partnership events in Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia and The Bronx NYC. To find out more about the Krosswerdz community please head over to the website or connect with us on your preferred social media platform above. After 9 years of the annual Christian Hip Hop Summit "UPROCK" and 9 Volumes of the annual Compilation; the Krosswerdz community worldwide had been exploring ways to celebrate the 10th Summit in the midst of a pandemic and restrictions around travel and events,Krosswerdz Presents: UPROCK Compilation Vol.10, is one of the various ways the community came together to celebrate. This compilation is the embodiment of the musical side of the Christian Hip Hop Community that has played a role in the Summit for the past 9 years.24 Tracks, 78 Artists, representing 10 different Countries with even more cultural backgrounds and languages within.Featuring singles Done With That and Lion's Share (see attached) alongside a massive line up of music, this compilation not only celebrates the Community but sheds a light on a multitude of incredible Christian Hip Hop artists across the globe.Digital and Physical copies available at: https://krosswerdz.bandcamp.com/album/uprock-compilation-vol-10Streaming available at: https://ditto.fm/uprock-compilation-vol-10
Mar 16 2021
3 mins
No One - Tebz Smith (ft). Salamii TKGet Us - BrodieDaVinci (ft). TC & C DuffleOutta This World - Lore-Do (ft). Shiwan & Okhiphop94' Altima - Paul HernandezPsalm 4Freedom - Paradox & ReFlex the Architect (ft). Stik Figa & Adam L. AshimselfWorkin' On Me - Nerva