Ep. 36 Fancy Gowns and Stained Gloves- Hostage Situation

Mischief and Monsters

Aug 14 2022 • 47 mins

Hello Everyone! Thank you as always for being patient with us, last week was a rouge one here at mischief and monsters so we appreciate your patience and for allowing us the time to figure things out but we are back baby!

In this episode we have another confrontation between Kidal and Irena as she begins to uncover more of what his motive for being here at the open house.

Thank you for listening and remember that we love you all!

All music is made by our very own Mercy Campbak/Hailee Kowalczyk!!

Irena Stanton is played by Megan Ping who can be found over on Instagram

Mercy Campbak is played by Hailee Kowalczyk who can be found over on twitch

The role of Keeper is played by Jasmine Lawrence who can be found over on our twitter

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