05.18.22 - BIG LEAGUE CHEW Founder Rob Nelson, Plus A Weird Playoff Night?!

After Hours with Defo and Lubie

May 18 2022 • 30 mins

Rob Nelson was a former pitcher who wondered what someone could do instead of chewing tobacco to keep their mouth busy while playing baseball.  Regular gum just wasn;t enough, so along with legendary MLB piutcher Jim Bouton he founded BIG LEAGUE CHEW.  Today on After Hours Rob talks about coming up with the gum that took over youth baseball in the 19080's and has nearly asold 1 billion pouches to date.

Plus Defo and Lubie talk about the wild night it was for a gambler between the NBA and NHL Playoff.  The Heat covered easily, while the Panthers fell flat to the spread and the Lighting, and the Avs stayed undefeated on the ice and also covered the spread?!

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