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Over a million runners and walkers have read Galloway books, attended his retreats / running schools, received E-coaching or individual consultation, or joined his training programs. His doable plans have opened up the life-changing experience of finishing a distance event to almost everyone. His methods have reduced aches, pains, and injuries to almost zero. Jeff is in front of an audience, motivating and teaching over 200 times a year–helping those of all abilities to enjoy exercise until they are 100!

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Inspiring Interviews- Double Amputee Marathon World Record Holder Marko Cheseto
Sep 28 2020
Inspiring Interviews- Double Amputee Marathon World Record Holder Marko Cheseto
In today's episode, we talk with Marko Cheseto. Marko's story is pretty crazy and unbelievable. Marko is a Kenyan born world record holder in the Marathon. But his journey to success is quite different than any other Kenyan Marathoner. Marko came to the US sight unseen in 2008 on a running scholarship to the University of Alaska. And yes, he had no idea what snow was. He would find success battling competitors on the track, but it was off the track where he was fighting a much more serious opponent. His struggle with mental health drove him to overdose on his antidepressants and go for one last run. When he miraculously emerged from the snow after three nights, he somehow managed to stumble to a hotel for help. His life changed both physically and mentally that day, and he would say for the better. Ten years of dedication, struggle, and learning to walk and run again on prosthetics, he has emerged as the fastest man to run 26.2 miles without legs. Marko's story is unbelievably inspiring and shines a light on the issue of mental health in today's society. We are delighted and honored to have Marko share his journey and story with us today.  Promo code at youcanbff for $50 off a BFF Massager.    Let Registered Dietitian Carissa Galloway lead you through a science-backed plan to transform the way you think about your diet. Each week Carissa will motivate you to improve your nutrition and reach your weight loss goal.Visit and use the code JEFF at checkout for $175 off!