EP #996: Manifestation & Transformation with Pearl Chiarenza

DOG-EARED with Lisa Davis. They write about dogs. I interview them AND Health Power.

Mar 30 2021 • 25 mins

Lisa is joined by Naturopathic Coach, Speaker and Author Pearl Chiarenza.  Pearl shares her journey to health and wellness and how that led her on the path to help others!  We talk vision purses (yes, I said purses), manifesting health, and much more!

In Pearl's own words:  "I will be your guide through your weight-loss and personal life journey. I struggled with my weight for years. To be honest, I never thought I could cook. It wasn’t until my I went through my own health issues and I said enough was enough that invested in my health, hired a coach and started to hook healthier did my Mother-In-Law say to me “I didn’t know you could cook.” Where I replied “Neither did I.”

I did the yo-yo dieting for years when I stepped up and did the coaching I lost 57lbs.

Maybe you want to loose weight, or maybe it’s an emotional journey you are on. I’ve been there too. Years ago while my boys were young, I walked around with shackles on. I realized it was all about my kids and my Husband and I didn’t know where I fit into our story. It wasn’t until my son went to college that I shifted my mindset and my business, became a certified life coach to help more women like you."

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