The LDS Mission Podcast

Jennie Dildine - The LDS Mission Coach

This podcast will help you gain real life tools and strategies to manage any aspect of the LDS Mission Experience. Whether a preparing missionary, currently serving, a return missionary or a Missionary Momma, this podcast will help you with the "how" of doing hard things. We'll address your mental and emotional well-being, your confidence, failure and so much more. It's easier than you think to overcome stress and anxiety, create epic, unwavering confidence, step powerfully into your potential and embrace what's next. The mission is tough business and I am here to help you every step of the way.

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48. Stacking Emotions
27 mins
48. Stacking Emotions47. Before You Change Your Major...46. Do I Stay Home or Do I Go Back Out?45. You Can't Change Your Worth44. Stay in the River of Misery43. All About Worry42. Loaded Words41. All About Me40. Other People's Baggage39. What You Want Matters38. Are You Prepared?37. Thought Work36. Bully-Proof Your Mission35. When Your Brain Freaks Out34. Lovability33. Observe and Love32. Mirroring Emotions31. 3 Quick Tools for Returning Missionaries30. Rethinking Productivity29. Let God Prevail