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May 9 2022
34 mins
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Download the 31 Day Scripture Reading and Writing Plan that lists out 31 different women in the Bible and where you can find their stories! Go to www.sojohub.com and download for free!In this week's episode, the final episode from the “Faith Full: Extraordinary Women of the Bible” series, we talk about Martha.We recognize Martha as a worrywart, the sister of Mary and Lazarus. But on today’s podcast, we would love for there to be a change in perspective of Martha by the time we wrap up the episode!In John 11, Jesus specifically goes out of his way to encounter Martha. Chronologically, this encounter is AFTER He finds her stewing about Mary not helping her in the kitchen. John 11 shows how pursuing Jesus was of Martha, how accepting He was of her, but also how He wasn't going to let her remain in the worrisome state she was in.And this is the shepherd pursuing His sheep. When you read this chapter with that background and understanding, it changes everything… just as it changes Martha, as we will see. Jesus loved Martha.He said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me though, Shall he live? And everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?” Jesus is really calling out the faith in Martha.He goes on to promise her: If you will believe me, if you will put your faith in me, you will see the glory of God. And that it's true for all of us. When we put our faith in God, we get front row seats to His glory.There was no guarantee as to what the glory was. And yet when we actively put our faith in Christ, we are promised to see His glory in some way. We also talk about the shortest verse in the Bible: John 11:35, “Jesus wept.” The context of the verse is precious! Jesus knew His power to overcome, and He knew He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead.  So why was He crying? Is He weeping over the loss of Lazarus? When He knows he's about to raise him from death? He's weeping because of his love for Mary and Martha and all of the people that are gathered crying.God knows our future. We even know our eventual futures because if we are trusting in Him, we will live forever with Him one day. Yet there is still weeping in this life. There is still pain. There is still hardship. There is still trouble. We're promised that. But we have a Christ….we have a father… we have a Jesus who weeps with us and He waits to intervene because He loves us. Weeping with others can be such a powerful gift to give, as Jesus demonstrated here for his friends. It's great to rejoice and it's great to share promises and truths that are encouraging, but also just sitting there and giving that grief back is a blessing too. Follow us on social media: www.instagram.com/sojosocietyBecome a Sojo Academy member: a community for Christian women that encourages Bible Study, fellowship, and creative worship: www.sojoacademy.comRead the full Show Notes: www.sojohub.com/women012
Mar 28 2022
29 mins
11. Believing God's promises when they feel impossible
Download the free resource: It's a 31 Day Scripture Reading and Writing Plan that lists out 31 different women in the Bible and where you can find their stories!  Go to www.sojohub.com and download for free!In this week's episode, the third from the “Faith Full: Extraordinary Women of the Bible” series, we talk about Sarah!We discuss how Sarah and Abraham were both imperfect humans and their faith was totally imperfect too. Yet these two imperfect people, with imperfect faith, were still given the gift and the blessing of being called the father/mother of the nations.Likewise, when we exercise a little bit of trust as Sarah did over and over through her story, God is drawn to it. He can't help but step in and do whatever it takes to keep us standing. We don’t know about you, but that fulfillment of faith incredibly encourages us and makes us want to step up with our faith!We also share the role of laughter in Sarah’s story. Sarah first laughs with unbelief and cynicism in the Scriptures. Yet when God’s promise is finally fulfilled later in the story and Sarah gives birth to Isaac, she laughs again. And this time her laughter is one of joy. It's almost like she can laugh with joy because she realizes that God's promises are true.In fact, Isaac means “he who laughs”. The theme of laughter goes throughout Sarah's life and all that she went through, including her disbelief and her belief. Our question for you this week is: “How do we turn our laughter from skeptical unbelief to a laughter of joy?” Is there a circumstance or situation you are laughing in cynicism over? If so, ask yourself, “How can I turn this unbelief into joy?” The promises of God are powerful. They're significant. And we need to grip onto them just as much as Abraham and Sarah did.  Follow us on social media: www.instagram.com/sojosocietyBecome a Sojo Academy member: a community for Christian women that encourages Bible Study, fellowship, and creative worship: www.sojoacademy.comRead the full Show Notes: www.sojohub.com/women011
Mar 21 2022
28 mins
10. The purpose of your pain09. Failure doesn't have to be final08. Stepping into the unknown with courage
Do you remember a time when you took a tentative step into something a little bit unknown and a lot scary?In today’s episode, the fourth episode of our confidence series, Cultivating Unshakable Confidence, we talked about someone who took a big, courageous step.: Joshua. When Moses died,  God asked Joshua to be strong and courageous, because he would lead the people of Israel to the promised land.  “Just as I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will not leave you or forsake you..” - Joshua 1:5And then the famous words: “Be strong and courageous, for you shall cause these people to inherit the land that I swore to their fathers to give them.” - Joshua 1:6Not only did God promise Joshua the promised land, but He promised to be with him in that place. For us too, it isn’t just a matter of going; It's a matter of being in our “there” together with God. We enjoyed talking about our need to focus our minds on promises. Although God gave Joshua a command (as he does us!), if we feel compelled by commands only, we are going to work ourselves to the bone and will grow exhausted fast. But if we can keep our eyes on the promise and the provisions behind the command, then we are equipped to actually do it. We also had a good discussion about how we don't have to invent our own righteousness. We don't need to invent our own godly desires. All of those things come from Him, part of our inheritance when we are in Christ.Finally, we talk about practical things we can do. The biggest practical step Joshua took is that the book of instruction did not depart from his mouth or his mind. Joshua carefully rehearsed God's Word, God's truth. We are not promised an easy life as Christians. Matter of fact, we are promised that in this life we will have trouble.  Yet whatever it is we face, God encourages us to be strong and courageous and fix our minds on His truth. And that is to the grace and the mercy and the glory of the One who rescues. Read the Full Show Notes: www.sojohub.com/confidence008Become a member: www.sojoacademy.comFollow us on social media: www.instagram.com/sojosociety
Feb 28 2022
25 mins
07. Don't chicken out on your calling
In today’s episode, and third of the Confidence series, we talked about Saul and how he hid from the responsibility that God gave him.  We particularly love these examples from scripture of real people, real men, real women who have failed, because they're relatable. We see ourselves in these stories. It also makes us realize that we can’t get ourselves out of the negative parts of the story, the cowardice, the identity issues, all of a sudden or on our own, without Christ who lives in us.Saul reminds us of Moses’ episode (episode #6), when he was doubting himself and his abilities to do what God wanted him to do. He asked, “Who am I to do this?”.Saul had the same doubts: “Why me?” He even hid behind luggage to try to escape, but he eventually does accept his call, and he actually does step up and does some good things. At some point along the way, however, we can see Saul becoming a little lazy in his obedience, feeling the pressure of others around him and that’s when he started doing things his way. He became a people pleaser and used that as an excuse to not obey God. Spoiler alert: God wasn't happy with that. One thing AJ and Jen could see in Saul - and that we really don't see in a lot of other places in scripture - is a level of cowardice. In the end, his disobedience caused him to lose his kingship.“He's not leading the people in a courageous manner. He's being a coward and time and time again, this becomes the pattern of his life.”Cowardice led Saul to keep walking on the path of disobedience and there is a lesson for us. We're all going to disobey to some extent, and we're all going to fail and we're all going to hide in the luggage at times.  At some point in our lives, we're all going to do those things.  The question is, do we continue to walk in that disobedience? Or do we step up like Moses eventually did as we discussed in the last episode? Moses had a lot of excuses too, but he eventually put his trust in God.  And as we have seen from the life of Moses (episode 6), we saw it in Jeroboam (episode 5) and here we see it with Saul: What is most important is your faith in our God who can do all things through His character, His promises, His abilities, and His sovereignty.Free resources and Show Notes: www.sojohub.com/confidence007Join us on Sojo Academy: www.sojoacademy.comLet's chat! Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/sojosociety
Feb 21 2022
23 mins
06. Overcoming insecurities to be used by God
A jam-packed episode with hands-on tips for dealing with insecurity in a biblical manner.Have you ever wondered, “Who am I to do these things?”God has an answer for all of these questions when He calls you to do something. And friend, your job is to step forward and do what He is asking, trusting that He's got this.In today’s episode, the second in our Confidence series, we talk about Moses, and how he felt out of place.  He did not feel man enough to fulfill what God had given him to do. But in the end, Moses did not let that stop him. Nor should you.During our discussion today on Moses’s conversation with God, AJ and Jen identified three different insecurities that Moses had: 1) identity insecurity, 2) inability insecurity, 3) credibility insecurity.When Moses said,  “Who am I to do this?” He didn't think he had what it took. We all can relate to that, right?  When we stumble over our own shortcomings, weaknesses, inabilities, or unmet expectations of ourselves, we are identifying with this insecurity.While we may struggle with various insecurities, God's response to Moses is so, so good. He told Moses, “I will certainly be with you,” effectively silencing Moses’s voices of doubt and fear. By the end of this discussion, both Jen and AJ had a takeaway phrase:“Your insecurities may actually be the reason God is choosing to use you.” - Jen Evangelista“Insecurity is not relevant to God.” - Arabah Joy.Show Notes and Free Resources: www.sojohub.com/confidence006Follow us on social media: www.instagram.com/sojosocietyBecome a member: www.sojoacademy.comSee you next Monday!
Feb 14 2022
24 mins
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