19. How to stay well-watered when ministry takes you far from home featuring Keri Franks

The Sojo Show

May 16 2022 • 30 mins

In today’s episode, Jen and AJ talk to a special guest: Keri Franks! She is a well-traveled mom of 3 from South Africa who is currently living in the UAE, and has been in the ministry with her husband for almost 20 years.

Tune in today to listen to a woman who navigates ministry life brilliantly.  This episode will give you a real dose of encouragement, offer powerful advice, and remind you of ways to nourish your soul as you cultivate your relationship with the Lord.

Even if you are not in ministry, this episode is a MUST LISTEN for any woman who wants to benefit from powerful advice on how to nourish your relationship with God. It’s a sneak peek into Kari’s international home/ministry and will bless anyone who listens.

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