46. Living a Significant Life

The Sojo Show

Oct 31 2022 • 27 mins

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We're starting a series on one of Jen’s very favorite books of the Bible: Colossians, one of the richest, theologically, deep books on the supremacy of Christ that we have!

One cool thing about this particular letter is that Paul, who's writing this letter, had never actually been to Colossae.

Tune in today and you’ll hear:

  • An intro to Colossians as a rich book full of all kinds of lessons.

  • About our foundation on Christ being adequate.

  • Discussion on what your beliefs are about eternity and where your hope is set.

  • About the hope we have for the future.

Our hope as a believer is not the wishful thinking kind. It is a hope that is secure. And that is the difference between our hope as a believer versus any other kind of hope out there. We have solid ground to know one day our hopes will become reality.


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