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Jan 9 2023 • 25 mins

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In today’s episode, Jen and AJ share an overview of the first chapter of Joshua and the leader itself: the man called by God to fill the role that Moses had previously filled. This is a significant call on the life of Joshua.

The cool thing is to realize how everything in God’s word is connected. From God promising  Abraham the land 400 years prior, to Moses leading the people to it and Joshua bringing them in. We walk you through all the details and connections and how applicable this old testament book actually is to our everyday life.

We really encourage you to listen to this jam-packed episode and identify the promises that God spoke to Joshua because he is the same God and the same promises apply to us.

Remember His faithfulness and remember his goodness. And remember that wherever you are, whichever side of the Jordan you're on right now, He is with you.

Read the Show Notes here: www.sojohub/joshua056

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