Rooted in Grace: Trusting God's Plan with Lana Stenner

The Sojo Show

Jul 17 2023 • 36 mins

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Todays episode is pure JOY! We would like to introduce you to a new friend of ours: Lana Stenner.

Inside Sojo Academy, we are actually in the process of studying the Law vs. Grace from the book of Galatians . And that is one of the things we are going to dive into today– looking at some lessons that Lana has experienced along the way related to the grace of God!

Whether what we are talking about today is something that you personally are doing in your life or not, recognizing the grace of God in Lana's life and adventures will definitely speak to you!

We focused our conversation on our dependence on God and patience to trust Him and His timing. So tune in to listen to beautiful life experiences and amazing tips on how to dig a bit deeper into grace.

Because everything boils down to God wanting a relationship with us.

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