Embracing Health as Worship: A Balanced Approach to Body Image and Self-Care

The Sojo Show

May 21 2024 • 20 mins

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You were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27).  This means that you are a reflection of the Creator of the Universe!

Today we explore how nurturing our physical and mental well-being is, at its core, a divine form of worship. Together, we unpack the challenges of balancing a body-positive mindset with health and open up about the pitfalls of cultural pressures surrounding body autonomy.

In our journey to simplify life and elevate worship, we reveal 5 practical strategies to integrate health into spiritual practices. Our conversation is not just about self-improvement; it's a call to action for redefining worship through the lens of health and simplicity.

As we navigate our discussion, we also introduce an opportunity for listeners to deep-dive into personal growth with a great resource.

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During a series of quick and fun 10-Day Challenges, you will makeover several key areas of your life. These challenges will help you create physical and mental space in your life for what matters most.

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