Ordinary people, Extraordinary mission: Lessons from Nehemiah 3

The Sojo Show

May 8 2023 • 32 mins

This month, we are talking about the fascinating book of Nehemiah and today especially Nehemiah chapter 3.

This chapter is pretty much a list of all of these different people with different roles and different socioeconomic statuses. They have different jobs, different titles, and yet they're all working together for one common mission.

We see this beautiful picture of our differences not mattering when we have the commonality of a goal in mind.

We see this in the New Testament as well in the body of Christ. We're different members, but we're all part of the same body, and that means that no one of us is any better than anybody else.

This is a good example of how the entire word of God is important for our lives because even a chapter like Nehemiah 3 with just a list of names can speak to us in such a powerful way if we allow the Holy Spirit to do that.

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