32. Seeing beyond your painful past into the face of a loving father

The Sojo Show

Aug 1 2022 • 40 mins

*This is a very raw and vulnerable episode with AJ, in which she shares about her childhood trauma. It comes with a trigger warning as it may be sensitive to some audiences.


Just the word can produce negative feelings, can’t it?

Well, during the month of August we are starting a new series on the podcast and will be discussing ANXIETY, how to overcome it and how to calm our souls in a chaotic world.

In today’s very special episode you’ll hear:

  • AJ’s story of her very long journey of healing with God;
  • How to cling to the healing God offers instead of falling back into old  mentalities

… and so MUCH MORE.

There is not a person who has lived who has not felt the bite of anxiety. And yes, that includes Christians. The difference is that as Christians, we have extra weapons to use in the fight and we are promised victory over it.


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“ This is one of those things that affected my eyesight for a long time… even into adulthood. And God has walked me through a process of tremendous healing.” - AJ