We are family (I’ve got all my sisters and me)

The Sojo Show

Mar 27 2023 • 24 mins

Today we are focusing on Romans 8:14-16.

There is so much to unpack from these three verses, but what really stands out to us is the concept of sonship. If we are trusting in Christ, we are all adopted.

Adoption is a biblical concept. Whether you’ve ever adopted before, we can all understand the concept of taking in something or someone who may not have had a home. AJ shares part of her adoption story in this episode and reminds us that, like AJ’s daughters, we are not only daughters, but we are heirs to Christ.

When you are adopted, you’re an equal. You were actually chosen. God has chosen you! If you are trusting in him, He has pursued you. He knows you better than anybody. He knows your needs before you ask. He has taken you in, at the price of His son’s blood.

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