Weekly Sermons from Father Gary Zerr (www.frgary.com)

Father Gary Zerr

Weekly Sermons from St. Edward Catholic Church features the weekly talks by Fr. Gary Zerr, during our Sunday Morning service. Fr. Gary is an energetic and captivating speaker that always seems to touch on current topics happening in a persons life. Take some time to listen and see where he can affect you!
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Keeping The Lights On
6d ago
14 mins
Keeping The Lights OnIs Jesus King Of My Heart?Reading The Signs Of The TimesGiving Our Two Cents Worth To GodLove of God, Love of Neighbor, the Great ShemaBartemaus Gets Jesus' AttentionWhat Pleases the LordMaterial GoodsJourney with Jesus and Mary in the RosaryIf Only All the People of the Lord Were ProphetsWhat Were You Just Discussing?Who do you say that I am?Jesus Heals Our Mouth And EarsWhat's That Smell?Jesus, Who Means What He SaysThe Virgin Mary in the Book of RevelationThe Sacrifice Of The MassQuestions About The MassThe Hidden Miracles of GodWhen God Interrupts Our Plans