24: Enterprise Blocks with Fränk Klein

In The Loop: A WordPress Podcast by Blackbird Digital

Mar 15 2023 • 1 hr 19 mins

Cory and Phil interview Fränk Klein, founder of and educator at WPDevelopment.courses and Principal Engineer at Human Made. We talk about some considerations for WordPress at scale and how that affects architectural choices, how WordPress as a project is or is not keeping up with modern industry standards, and why you might consider using the site editor for your next enterprise client.

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Transcript: https://blackbird.digital/podcast/24-enterprise-blocks-with-frank-klein/

## Links

(06:39) Block-Based Bosco theme: https://wordpress.org/themes/block-based-bosco/

(24:38) Aino Blocks: https://ainoblocks.io/

(26:14) WordPress dev blog about intrinsic design: https://developer.wordpress.org/news/2023/02/intrinsic-design-theming-and-rethinking-how-to-design-with-wordpress/

(39:27) Human Made collaborative editing: https://twitter.com/humanmadeltd/status/1626171278423109633?s=20

(47:44) WordPress 6.1 contributor stats: https://jeanbaptisteaudras.com/en/2022/11/contribution-stats-for-wordpress-6-1-misha/

(54:29) WPDevelopment.courses website: https://jeanbaptisteaudras.com/en/2022/11/contribution-stats-for-wordpress-6-1-misha/

(56:34) Block Theme Academy course (affiliate link): https://wpdevelopment.courses/a/blackbird-digital

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