Episode 93: Healing HR with Samm Smeltzer

Rebel Human Resources Podcast

Apr 6 2022 • 46 mins

It's been a challenging few years for HR.  We dig into coping and thriving strategies with Samm Smeltzer.  Samm Smeltzer is an HR Visionary and Healer. Her work has been devoted to employee engagement for over a decade, she believes engagement is a critical component of organizational culture that must be alive and well in all employees. However, the place where engagement begins is with and within an organization’s HR practitioner.

Samm is the founder of The HRart Center, a restorative and growth community for HR. Samm’s work has been recognized with multiple awards, two of them being 2020 York SHRM HR Community Partner of the Year and Penn State’s 2015 Outstanding Graduate Student in Training and Development.

Samm is also a published author of two books and an avid podcaster.


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