Episode 118: Car Talk (with Caleb Davis)


Sep 8 2022 • 52 mins

This week, we are sitting down with a special guest to discuss the fascinating world of car dealerships. We’ll start the episode with our list of the top TV shows and movies about salespeople, then we’ll sit down with Caleb Davis, Finance Manager of Jim Keras Subaru Hacks Cross. These days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy cars, and finding them at a reasonable price is a whole different story. Join us as we talk about this car conundrum and the evolving auto industry. We’ll also pick Caleb’s brain about electric vs. gas, stigmas surrounding car salesmen, and the best advice for those looking to purchase a vehicle now.

The List: Top Shows and Movies About Salesmen

Hashtags of the week: #BullCastGuestSegment #CarIndustry #BuyingACar #InterestRates #SubrauLovesDogs #NoHaggling #AnEvolvingIndustry

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