Episode 114: Going Greek


Aug 11 2022 • 48 mins

This week, BullCast is heading to college and going Greek! Join Katie, Cort, and Cam as they have an open discussion on all things Greek life. We’ll start the show with our list of the best films and shows portraying sororities and fraternities. Then, we’ll jump in by talking about the pros and cons on joining these historic organizations. What costs are associated with these clubs? Why is Greek life typically portrayed so negatively? What benefits are there to joining these sisterhoods/brotherhoods outside of college life? Don’t miss this episode as the hosts give their varied and unique opinions on this interesting topic!

The List: Best Greek-Life Movies and Shows

Hashtags of the week: #Sorority #Fraternity #Hazing #HogwartsOfTheSouth #Rush #CortIsNoServantBoy #Philanthropy #FriendsForLife