#427 S2 Episode 296 - EXPECTATION VS REALITY: Understanding That Sellers Have Different Skills On Channels

Sales Transformation

Sep 24 2022 • 5 mins


Collin discusses the wrong expectations of people on sellers that they should be good in all selling channels. But you really don’t need that, you just have to hire someone who is as good as you on one channel, and you can get a better understanding of seller skillsets by tuning in to this latest episode of Sales Transformation.

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  • Not all sellers are equal
  • Sellers are not great on all channels
  • Find someone who can emulate your skill
  • Have realistic expectations

“I think it's a misconception that a lot of people expect sellers like to be great on all channels, you got to be good on social, you got to be good on email, and be creative and write good copy and be good on the phone, and manage your pipeline and your time and close deals. You know, it's a lot. Typically, I see sellers are much stronger on one channel, in most cases.” - Collin: Sellers have different strengths in channels

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