#422 S2 Episode 291 - CHANGE, TRANSFORM, EVOLVE: Dealing With Negativity And Allowing Changes To Happen

Sales Transformation

Sep 19 2022 • 5 mins


Rob shares his experience when he stepped away from LinkedIn due to a lot of negativity, how he got through it, and how to allow changes to happen. Join Rob once again in this latest episode of Sales Transformation.

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  • It all comes down to being human
  • You have to be ok with detractors
  • Rob's LinkedIn hiatus
  • Allow the change to happen

“Understand that where you fit in today may move, and you have to allow for that time to happen. Meaning you have to change your network, change your content, and it's okay. It's an evolution of you as a person, but it's not easy.”- Rob: Changes need to happen

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