#435 S2 Episode 304 - SOCIO-DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Adapting Digitally And Leveraging Socially In Selling

Sales Transformation

Oct 2 2022 • 6 mins


For a fellow cold-calling enthusiast, it was a difficult transition for Bradley, especially when he had to prioritize the transactional aspects of the call instead of building relationships, telling jokes, and getting closer to the prospect. Learn how he was able to move on and fully shift to social in this latest episode of Sales Transformation.

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  • The difficult yet needed transition
  • The transformation to leveraging social
  • From cold-calling to content-creating

“When we moved through, especially through COVID. It just felt like everything becomes so transactional, where the call starts. There's a discovery. There's a presentation. And I'm not necessarily saying that's a bad thing. But the shift between it being all about relationships and making jokes and being likable, and all those things to actually tell me how you helped me and tell me how easy this is to implement. For me as a salesperson was a difficult transition to make.”- Bradley: The difficult transition in a selling style

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