Bonus Episode: Audio responses from our listeners on Father's & Fatherhood. Daddy's Kind of Love!


Jun 20 2021 • 31 mins

Happy Father's Day. In this bonus episode we've published written & audio recordings from men and women who responded to our questions on fatherhood. We thank you for your bravery; opening up your hearts and hurts, allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Join us in the lounge! A comfortable place where Sistas talk, learn, and inspire each other to live their best lives. Join us for our week long celebration of Fathers. In honor and celebration of our Father's, we will upload one interview everyday this week.   Visit our website, ask a question, leave a comment or let us know how you are holding up Sis. Follow us on Instagram - sistas_letstalk, FB @sistasletstalk. Subscribe to SistasLetsTalk wherever you listen to podcasts. We want you to be the first to know when another episode is ready.  One tiny favor Sis,  Let's invite other Sistas to The Lounge!  Thank you.  --- Send in a voice message: