EP20: Mastering Your Habits With Jessica Derksen

Winning with Wellness

Sep 7 2021 • 23 mins

We are our thoughts   Jessica shares with us the importance of owning and changing our narrative. Life is a journey as we evolve our mindset has to evolve. Wellness is a feeling and becoming very clear on how you want to feel will be a vital tool in creating change in your mindset and habit building. This creates a powerful connection to our bodies.   Jessica explains that when you come up against roadblocks or barriers it's really important to dig into the deep level of why you want to accomplish your goal. Surface why’s are not going to maintain your motivation until the goal becomes a habit. Take stock of the habits that you currently have in your life and determine if they are serving you or working against you. If they are working against you shift the outcome or replace them worth a new habit.   Healthy habits are an important aspect of our lives because they provide us more energy and can be incredible tools in our lives. It is never too late to change and shift your habits or to get back on track if you slip.   “Habits help us in all areas of our lives. ~ Jessica Derksen   Wellness Nuggets; ·        Journaling gratitude – lead from a grateful state ·        Journaling food – how does it make you feel ·        Drink lots of water ·        Move your body every day   If you are looking for more information on building habits, check out episode 17.   We invite you to ignite the Wellness Warrior in YOU! About the Guest: Jessica Derksen is the founder of True To You Lifestyle where she is a certified health and life coach, speaker, facilitator, mentor to women in business, and host of the True To You Podcast. Jessica focuses on mastering your habits, finding your purpose, and living a life that you love, while feeling incredible from the inside out! Her motto is: If you want a different ending, tell a different story. Website; https://truetoyoulifestyle.com/ (https://truetoyoulifestyle.com) Facebook Personal; https://www.facebook.com/jessderksenhealthcoach/ (https://www.facebook.com/jessderksenhealthcoach/) Facebook Professional; https://www.facebook.com/jessicaderksenhealthcoach/? (https://www.facebook.com/jessicaderksenhealthcoach/?) LinkedIn; https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessicaderksenhealthcoach/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessicaderksenhealthcoach/) Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/jessicaderksenhealthcoach/ (https://www.instagram.com/jessicaderksenhealthcoach/) Resource link/Giveaway Sign up for a complimentary strategy session with Jessica to dive deeper into your habits and begin the journey of mastering them to feel incredible from the inside out https://truetoyouhealthcoachingschedule.as.me/lifestyle (https://truetoyouhealthcoachingschedule.as.me/lifestyle) About the Host: Jenny Ryce is a Mindset and Accredited Executive Coach, speaker, podcast host and the President of Your Holistic Earth, a global community advocating holistic wellness, connection and professional collaboration. Jenny is passionate about connecting others to the power of mindset and wellness. When she is not pursuing her professional passions, Jenny can be found spending time in nature, getting grounded and finding inspiration. Jenny is the proud mother of two amazing daughters and the wife of a military veteran. You will often hear her say that they fuel her passion. It is time to redefine your wellness and experience first-hand what Winning with Wellness can do. Jenny believes that you should always capitalize on your greatest asset, YOU.   Learn More about Holistic Earth Website: http://www.yourholisticearth.ca/ (www.yourholisticearth.ca) Free Wellness Membership for Your Holistic Earth: https://yourholisticearth.ca/join/ (https://yourholisticearth.ca/join/)   Find Us on Social Media Facebook Page: @yourholisticearth...