EP35: A Glimpse Of Hope On Dealing With Trauma with Dawn Taylor

Winning with Wellness

Dec 21 2021 • 26 mins

“Your physical space matches your mental space.” — Dawn Taylor   Dawn Taylor shared with us her personal experience in dealing with trauma in a much less intimidating way. The best way to start a healing journey is by first assessing the little things; from as simple as what your space looks like, what food are you eating, what are you watching or reading. The healing journey is different for everyone and so it is crucial to find someone that resonates with you. A lot of people with trauma are afraid of hurting other people with their stories. With that analysis, she chose to approach her craft differently in a way that her clients would feel more comfortable digging a deeper level with her. Sit with your feelings and figure out what hurts and what about it is hurting so deeply. We're too fast to just distract and shut down the negative because the negative feels bad but the truth is what’s worse is escaping it.  It is very important, as humans, to feel our pain because our brains need to process that pain in order for us to function. Dawn gives us this sense of assurance that trauma does not necessarily have to be something that is major. If your nervous system was disturbed in any way, it causes that sense of trauma even if it is something big or small. If the impact of what happened to you was not just as severe as what happened to me, does not mean it’s not valid.   Wellness Nuggets: ●       When you talk with your person, coach, or counsellor, ask them about the hardest thing they’ve had to overcome in their lives. If they're not willing to answer, they're not the right fit for you. ●       Continue fighting for yourself ●       “One step”. Life is hard, sometimes we can only get through the day, an hour or even 60 seconds. ●       Setting up a timer helps to keep track and remind ourselves that we’ve already gone through at least 10 minutes.   We invite you to ignite the Wellness Warrior in YOU! About the Guest: Dawn Taylor is the professional ass-kicker, hope giver, international trauma specialist, life coach strategist, and all-around badass. Dawn's journey into helping others heal began when she took her personal recovery from the trauma she experienced in her life into her own hands. While at times unconventional, Dawn's strategic methods have helped hundreds heal from issues related to childhood abuse, PTSD, to severe anxiety and depression. Website: http://www.thetaylorway.ca/ (www.thetaylorway.ca) Facebook Personal: https://www.facebook.com/dawn.taylor.3139 (https://www.facebook.com/dawn.taylor.3139) Facebook Professional: https://www.facebook.com/thetaylorway (https://www.facebook.com/thetaylorway) LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawn-taylor-ttw/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawn-taylor-ttw/) Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetaylorwaynow (https://twitter.com/thetaylorwaynow) Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/thetaylorwaynow/ (http://www.instagram.com/thetaylorwaynow/) About the Host: Jenny Ryce is a Mindset and Accredited Executive Coach, speaker, podcast host and the President of Your Holistic Earth, a global community advocating holistic wellness, connection and professional collaboration. Jenny is passionate about connecting others to the power of mindset and wellness. When she is not pursuing her professional passions, Jenny can be found spending time in nature, getting grounded and finding inspiration. Jenny is the proud mother of two amazing daughters and the wife of a military veteran. You will often hear her say that they fuel her passion. It is time to redefine your wellness and experience first-hand what Winning with Wellness can do. Jenny believes that you should always capitalize on your greatest asset, YOU.   Learn More about Holistic Earth Website: http://www.yourholisticearth.ca/ (www.yourholisticearth.ca) Free Wellness Membership for Your Holistic Earth:...