EP22: Raising Your Families Mental Health Through the Power of Your Shopping Cart With Katrina Breau

Winning with Wellness

Sep 21 2021 • 32 mins

You can impact your mental health through your shopping cart When we are going to the grocery story and filling up our cart for the upcoming meals, many of us don’t think about what we are grabbing. If we think of what is in our shopping cart as the fuel for our daily activities we might start paying a little closer attention. To have healthy fuel doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Some foods can be great mood lifters and energy givers. But food choices need to become a habit in order to receive maximum benefits. “We’ve got to build the habits around trying something new.” – Katrina Breau The changes in the fuel/food you consume can change your energy level and your family's as well. Such as saffron, cinnamon, chia seeds, and many more things. As long as they are good quality ingredients.  The best thing is to eat as a family around the table and socialize together. Learning these healthy eating habits together helps anchor the habits. This can really improve the mental health of the family as a whole. “Even if you put some good quality snacks on the center of the table, that you’re okay with the kids, yourself, or your whole family can just pick it up and snack throughout the day.” – Katrina Breau         Wellness Nuggets; ·     Saffron is like a natural antidepressant and boosts overall mood and energy ·     Rosemary, Thyme and Sage boost memory and cognitive levels ·     Cinnamon is a great energy booster and helps absorb blood sugars ·     Health food is not expensive if you know the right places to go ·     Have healthy snacks prepped and ready so people can grab and go throughout the day We invite you to ignite the Wellness Warrior in YOU! About the Guest: Katrina Breau is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, a brain health and life coach, a guide, and a mentor, who specializes in the use of natural whole foods to promote Brain health, improve cognitive function, decrease health challenges while simulating self-confidence of others. Katrina’s passion for helping others live the best and healthiest life possible is obvious to anyone who meets her. Her indomitable spirit and warm sense of compassion and reflection of kindness are always there to remind us that life’s challenges are best met with a positive, can-do attitude, even when they appear insurmountable in the moment.  Website; http://www.healthybrain.ca/ (www.healthybrain.ca) Facebook Personal; https://www.facebook.com/katrina.breau.5 (https://www.facebook.com/katrina.breau.5) Resource link/Giveaway Visit http://www.healthybrain.ca/ (www.healthybrain.ca) to download your free Sustain Your Brain Shopping List and start your positive pivot Today. About the Host: Jenny Ryce is a Mindset and Accredited Executive Coach, speaker, podcast host and the President of Your Holistic Earth, a global community advocating holistic wellness, connection and professional collaboration. Jenny is passionate about connecting others to the power of mindset and wellness. When she is not pursuing her professional passions, Jenny can be found spending time in nature, getting grounded and finding inspiration. Jenny is the proud mother of two amazing daughters and the wife of a military veteran. You will often hear her say that they fuel her passion. It is time to redefine your wellness and experience first-hand what Winning with Wellness can do. Jenny believes that you should always capitalize on your greatest asset, YOU.   Learn More about Holistic Earth Website: http://www.yourholisticearth.ca/ (www.yourholisticearth.ca) Free Wellness Membership for Your Holistic Earth: https://yourholisticearth.ca/join/ (https://yourholisticearth.ca/join/)   Find Us on Social Media Facebook Page: @yourholisticearth...