EP30: Workplace Wellness with Gail Korpan

Winning with Wellness

Nov 16 2021 • 24 mins

“Wellness means that everything is integrated into my health. My world is integrated, and what I think, how I feel, and what I speak are all the same.” — Gail Korpan   For Gail Korpan, the hardest thing to implement putting herself first is setting the boundaries of saying no and just knowing that saying no is putting yourself first. Jenny, as someone who is service-oriented and champions others, is learning the process of putting herself first and giving herself some time to breathe. When asked if she can commit to a project for example she will respond with “I’ll have to get back to you” when she wants to say “yes” to things.   Gail shares how an empath has 10 different layers and it means that: when someone has this kind of gift, when they enter a room, they can feel the energy in the room. Those that are an empath can listen to the body and know what it needs. When people are not aware that they’re an empath, it can be quite confusing as they would easily pick up the feelings and energy around them. It is a skill set that should be recognized and practiced.   “Redefining wellness is important to healing because it’s more than a treat.” — Gail Korpan   We live in a different world than our parents grew up in where there’s a lot more computer work and stationary sedentary work. There can be a lot of stagnancies that get held in our bodies. We need to get help in releasing some of the things that the world is putting on us. If we’re not putting our wellness first, it will be pushed to the back burner.   According to Gail, the key benefit of regular massage visits is that there is trust and energy built into the process. She offers smudging, during her massage services a method, that cleanses their aura, settles them into the massage. Massage health benefits are all about putting your wellness first.   The reason why Gail does what she does is that she came from the office working space where she spent three decades. She visualizes that people could have personalized holistic breaks for themselves, promoting the idea of wellness in the workplace. One of the services she offers is chair massage. It can be done for 15 minutes to release stress in the neck and even help headaches; even elbows and lower backs can be treated.   The landscape is changing in work and businesses need to create a healthy working environment. Let your business owners know or if you’re a business owner, take a leap in prioritizing the wellness of your employees.   Wellness Nuggets: ●     Say “I’ll have to get back to you” if you’re having a hard time saying no. ●     The next big health crisis is people being sedentary. ●  Regular massage visits can help in clearing your mind and giving yourself permission to let somebody else move for you. ●   American companies spend around $300 billion on absenteeism, poor health, or poor job performance. ● Job stress is 40% of the reason why companies turn over their employees.   We invite you to ignite the Wellness Warrior in YOU! About the Guest: Gail is a registered massage therapist and intuitive empathic healer and uses her gifts through massage therapy. Gail is expanding her chair massage business to bring wellness to the workplace. Website: http://www.preferredmassage.ca/ (www.preferredmassage.ca) Facebook Personal: http://www.facebook.com/gailkorpan (www.facebook.com/gailkorpan) Facebook Professional: http://www.facebook.com/preferredmassage (www.facebook.com/preferredmassage) LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/preferredmassagetherapy (www.linkedin.com/in/preferredmassagetherapy) About the Host: Jenny Ryce is a Mindset and Accredited Executive Coach, speaker, podcast host and the President of Your Holistic Earth, a global community advocating holistic wellness, connection and professional collaboration. Jenny is passionate about connecting others to the power of mindset and...