The Ultimate Salem Tourist Episode with Ron Martin - The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 5

The Salem Witch Podcast

Nov 11 2020 • 1 hr 22 mins

If you're thinking about visiting Salem, you'll definitely want to check out this interview with Ron Martin. He's one of the most knowledgeable minds out there on the Salem tourism scene and he recently put his over 20 years' worth of Salem adventures into a travel book (link below) titled Discover Salem: A Tour Guide for the Witch City.

He's also obsessed with the Salem Witch Trials and hosts the definitive Trials history podcast, the Salem 1692 podcast.

This episode is really just two Salem nerds geeking out about a place we both adore. It also serves as a fantastic introduction to the city and its tourism market for anyone who hasn't been before. Our conversation ranges from the implications of hyper commercialization to the best places to check out in Salem and a whole lot more. Check out the timecodes to bounce to a particular section. And continue below that for links to Ron's work.

01:50 Skip Intro

02:10 Salem Massachusetts Halloween 2020 conversation

04:44 How Ron Martin got interested in Salem

06:40 Danvers and the still remaining Salem Witch Trials locations

09:12 Ron's first trip to Salem

14:05 What long-distance travelers to Salem should know about the cost of visiting the city

15:29 What's our favorite place to stay in Salem?

17:48 Is The Merchant hotel haunted?

19:15 My Salem ghost story at the Hotel Salem

24:50 There are ghosts everywhere in Salem

25:16 Ron's ghost experiences in Salem

28:33 What about Salem keeps Ron coming back?

33:04 A conversation on the Salem 1692 Podcast

38:05 What is so fascinating about the Salem Witch Trials?

43:57 Our understanding of the Salem Witch Trials is still changing

45:10 Does Salem do a good job of adequetely representing the With Trials?

47:12 Are Salem Witch Trials attraction exploiting the victims of the 1692 hysteria?

56:50 Is there anything Ron would change about Salem's attractions scene?

59:19 Could and should the Peabody Essex Museum do a better job with the Witch Trials?

01:02:05 How could you stop bad Witch Trials attractions from springing up?

01:08:15 A covnersation on history versus entertainment and how Ron's book can help

01:12:38 Rapid fire Salem recommendations from Ron Martin

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