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All There Is with Anderson Cooper


Do we ever move on from grief, or do we just learn to live with it? In Season 2 of All There Is, Anderson Cooper continues his deeply personal journey to understand his own feelings of grief in all its complexities, and in moving and honest discussions, learn from others who’ve experienced life-altering losses. All There Is with Anderson Cooper is about the people we lose, the people left behind, and how we can live on – with loss and with love. read less

Our Editor's Take

All There Is with Anderson Cooper might sound like another current events podcast. After all, most people recognize this journalist from his work with CNN and 60 Minutes. There are memorable reports in his career about 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the opioid epidemic. He's also known for interviews with Kanye West, Donald Trump, and Dick Cheney. He's not afraid to ask difficult questions to uncover the truth. But this podcast reveals a different side of the CNN anchor. It shows a more personal and intimate aspect of the anchor. This time, Anderson is directing his challenging questions back at himself.

The anchor starts the podcast in his childhood home on East 54th Street in New York City. It's the home his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, left when she passed at 95. It's also the home where he lost his father to a heart attack at a young age and later his brother to suicide. The place holds a lot of painful memories but also happy ones. There are memories of a wonderful life that his mother experienced and documented. Since Anderson lost the last member of his close family, going through the content of the house is his way of remembering. It is a way of fighting loneliness and focusing on the good. The All There Is with Anderson Cooper podcast has a positive tone despite his losses.

The podcast All There Is with Anderson Cooper begins by exploring Vanderbilt's life. But it continues into examining grief and all that comes with it. The journalist talks to friends and TV personalities to learn how they've dealt with loss. With the help of their insights and humor, he hopes to understand the grieving process better.

While it's Anderson's first time doing a podcast, it's hardly noticeable. The sound is impeccable, and his narration is captivating. Anderson's voice is warm and enveloping, his journey bittersweet but familiar. He invites the listener along while he learns more about himself, grief, life, and love.

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