Support Your Local Podcast- Hiatus Episode 011- Reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas

Support Your Local Podcast

Dec 24 2022 • 6 mins

A tradition I have, along with watching the "8 Christmas Movies I Have to Watch Every Year", is the last thing we do with the kids on Christmas Eve is to read them Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Here is a reading of it, from me to whoever wishes to listen to it. This is a selfish one on my part, I must admit...I wanted to capture this tradition and give it a chance to last forever. My kids, future grandkids, whoever, will have it here if they ever want it long after I'm gone. If you want to listen to it too, well, my friends, it's here for you too.  Nothing fancy, nothing special, except to those that it is VERY special to. Merry Christmas everyone!