Quick and the Pod- Episode 002- Just Out of Prison w/ Guest Brian Boucher

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Jan 15 2023 • 1 hr 1 min

Is the Shoe Shine Boy really blind? Is Scars really smelly? Is Gutzon really from Sweden? Find out this, AND MORE, on this episode of the Quick and the Pod. This time, history is made as our host, Robert Smith, is joined with an actual, living, breathing guest! It's Brian Boucher of the "Top Gun Minute" podcast ( https://anchor.fm/topgunminute). Be sure to check it out (especially Minutes 95-100...*WINK*)! Please take the time to Like, Share and Subscribe to get all of the latest updates to our podcast. Check us out wherever you find your favorite podcasts. Facebook and Instagram: Support Your Local Podcast Check out our site, supportyourlocalpodcast.com Email us at suppyourlocalpodcast@gmail.com Proud member of the Movies by Minutes community. Check to see if your favorite movies are (or have been) covered. If not, JOIN US!! moviesbyminutes.com Thank you to our sponsor, the Smith Family Bowling Scholarship Foundation SFBSF.com . They do some pretty swell things for the Youth bowlers of our world.