My Favorite 3 Ways to Create Compelling Video Content

The Stand Out CEO Show

Mar 2 2022 • 17 mins

How do you maintain your creative flow when it comes to creating video content? (or any other kind of content). How do you stay inspired within the constant grind of posting on social media?

The conventional advice for being consistent is to batch your content. For example, you shoot several videos in one morning so that you're able to produce a lot in a short amount of time.

But, what happens on the day you've scheduled to shoot your video when you're just not feeling it? Or you're distracted by some fire you have to put out in your business?

You can end up forcing yourself to make your content in spite of how you're feeling - and it will show. Your energy just won't be there and your content will suffer.

And if this keeps happening, you can start to burn out. I know. I've been there!!

So, what I'm sharing in this episode is what's really worked for me in not just creating content on a consistent basis, but how you can create truly amazing video content that lights you up inside and creates real change for your clients.