Why start a podcast in 2022 with Mark Asquith

The Stand Out CEO Show

Apr 3 2022 • 36 mins

Here's a new angle for why you might consider starting a podcast this year.

Podcast content marketing can be a powerful way to build an audience for your business and there are a growing number of ways to monetize a podcast effectively.

For example, podcast listeners are perfectly primed to be receptive to online courses, and have the disposable income to pay for them.

Just imagine: Instead of letting your old articles or videos sit on your website with little to no traffic, you could use the same information to create an exciting podcast series that reaches a brand new audience.

But what are the most innovative ways that podcasts are being produced right now that will help you grow your audience?

To help explore these and so many other reasons why starting a podcast could work for you, I've invited Mark Asquith onto The Live Stream Show.  Mark is known as 'That British Podcast Guy' and is founder & CEO of Captivate.fm which is a podcast hosting service.