How to create an avalanche of new clients on LinkedIn

The Stand Out CEO Show

Apr 17 2022 • 32 mins

Today's episode is all about how my guest, Aimee Montgomery, used LinkedIn to grow her digital marketing & business coaching agency.

We really went deep into the details of exactly how she pulled this off - landing 20 new clients in her first month just from building relationships on the LinkedIn platform.

BUT, I also want to share some huge news!

I've combined my LinkedIn Live Jumpstart Masterclass with a bonus bundle and I'm offering it to listeners of this podcast right now for half off!

Live video is finally available to all users on LinkedIn now is a great time to start using live videos so you can show up on the platform & introduce yourself to your ideal prospects in a genuine and authentic way.

If you want to get this complete walk-through on how to go live on LInkedIn look use this link:

or find me on Linkedin and send me a DM!