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The Metallica Podcast: Volume 1 — The Black Album

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A living, breathing sonic blender of a podcast. Over eight episodes, we’ll celebrate the re-release of The Black Album (“Enter Sandman,” “Nothing Else Matters”), and the incredible band that made it. This is more than a “Making Of” look at the album. It’s the story of James, Lars, and Kirk — not just how the album got made, but why.

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Our Editor's Take

The Black Album changed the game. Released in August 1991. Metallica's masterpiece turned the Bay Area thrash-metal upstarts into international superstars. The Black Album still sits among the best-selling albums of all time. The Metallica Podcast: Volume 1 — The Black Album is a deep dive into the record, told in the band's own voices. Anyone who thinks there is nothing left to say about this landmark album better think again.

The Metallica Podcast goes deep into the story of the acclaimed album. And at the center of it all are the four men responsible for the magical music that changed the world. In each episode James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Jason Newsted talk about the making of The Black Album. The band considers the songs' origins, the founding of Team Ugly, and more.

Listeners hear stories of Metallica tours and the first times songs came together. This original podcast series is a must-listen for Metallica fans around the world. The Metallica Podcast is the telling of one of the most influential albums of all time. This podcast series dives into the vocals, guitars, bass lines, and drums. The Black Album changed everything, and The Metallica Podcast is the last word on the subject.

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