Baseball Is Great: Mariners Pizza, MiLB Branding

Baseball By Design: Stories of Minor League Logos and Nicknames

Jul 5 2022 • 1 hr 7 mins

In Baseball By Design's first ever Tampa Bay Rays-style opener, Sofie Dill joins to tell the story of how she order a pizza for Mariners player Jesse Winker. Then, we're joined by Tyler Maun and Josh Jackson, who cover Minor League Baseball in lots of ways, including writing for MiLB's website and on the Show Before the Show podcast. Most importantly for the purposes of this podcast, Tyler Maun writes in-depth stories about teams' logos, nicknames, and uniforms, and Josh Jackson hosts a podcast segment called "Ghosts of the Minors," which delves into some of the quirkiest team names in early days of the sport.

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