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S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk (Stand Tall And Reclaim Victory Everyday) This podcast shares tips, thoughts, and ideas on how to build and successful platform by overcoming challenges and going from Surviving to thriving. Featured guests have overcome struggles and built a career or business by Standing Tall A Reclaiming Victory Everyday. To learn more: visit, www.jhaleem.com. Follow J Haleem & I Won't Starve on all social media outlets, @iamjhaleem @iwontstarve. Subscribe to the YouTube channel, S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk

S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 19 De'Etra Pickett - Pt. 2S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 19 De'Etra Pickett - Pt. 1
Episode Description:  This week’s guest on S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk is De’Etra Pickett with Community & Connections Chat Podcast. In this episode, she talks about not succumbing to inner-city life growing up in Newark, NJ, why she honors & respects the Black man, and her journey to entrepreneurship. It was so nice, we had to do it twice! Stay tuned for part two.  Show Notes:  3:34 - J Haleem Welcomes De’Etra to the Show 5:00 - De’Etra shares her experience growing up as a fan in the WuTang era 8:16 - Growing up in Newark, NJ and not falling victim to the inner-city life, but choosing            a path that led to college 10:36 - Talking to her children and sharing her experiences in school  14:39 - Graduating from college (political science & criminal justice) 16:57 - Finding a job after college & wanting to be an FBI agent, but pursuing social  Work 20:43 - De’Etra shares the process to becoming a foster parent 25:09 - De’Etra advises that interested foster parents check with their state requirements 26:04 - At what point did she decide to become an entrepreneur  32:54 - De’Etra speaks on the inspiration for her podcast coming from a Black man 37:17 - J Haleem speaks on the need of us breaking the stereotype about Black men not wanting to help Black women 38:53 - Behind every good man is a good woman 40:00 - It’s okay to have a feminine side 45:19 - The dangers of micromanagement  47:54 - Why is having a job important?  50:34 - The importance of on-the-job training 52:06 - Have something to fall back on  55:25 - Starting a courier service as a side hustle  56:29 - De’Etra shares one of her favorite testimonial  59:48 - Sacrifices of business  STAY TUNED FOR PART II Connect with De’Etra:  IG: @sheba_baby_diamondee
May 18 2022
1 hr 9 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 18  - Vanessa Vizard "Vizard Marketing & PR"
Episode Description:  Vanessa Vizard is President and CEO of Vizard Marketing and PR, specializing in creating campaigns in the healthcare and nonprofit industry. In this episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, Vanessa sits down with host J Haleem and speaks on her experiences as a woman in business, pivoting through the pandemic, and her mantra, “With God all things are possible.”  Show Notes:  00:51- J Haleem welcomes Vanessa to the show 2:26 - Vanessa speaks on her experience as a woman in business  5:32 - Vanessa shares the tools she learned from past experience  7:28 - What has been her best past on the job training?  9:31 - Transitioning into full-time entrepreneurship  12:06 - As someone who took the leap, would she encourage a friend to do the same  14:04 - What has been her children’s growth as an entrepreneur mom? 16:20 - Our children are more resilient than we think  19:06 - People will use any excuse to get out of doing something  19:36 - Vanessa speaks on the biggest misconception in the PR industry  23:14 - Which area of PR does she enjoy the most 25:01 - As a nonprofit PR firm, Vanessa speaks on how their budget constraints can impact their visibility  27:50 - The importance of mastery 30:40 - Pivoting into Pandemic 32:48 - Selling fences through COVID. Bouncing back from 2020 35:00 - It’s important to tell the “story” of entrepreneurship. It is not easy.  37:04 - Vanessa speaks to her mantra, “Through God all things are possible.”  38:15 - What S.T.A.R.V.E. Means to her?  41:58 - Deciphering what’s for you  44:53 - Get out of your own way  Connect with Vanessa  Website: https://vizardpr.com (https://vizardpr.com) IG: @vizardmarketingandpr  Ph: 1-951-533-6180
May 11 2022
48 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 17 - Danielle Rowley "bizPROFI"
Episode Description:  Danielle Rowley, is no stranger to conducting business nationally and internationally. She has lived in South Korea, and other countries making a living and a name for herself in the world of business communications. In this episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, Danielle sits down with host, J Haleem and they discuss her career as an entrepreneur, her experience as a woman in tech, and English as the language of international business.  Show Notes: 00:51 - J Haleem welcomes Danielle to the show 1:55 - Danielle speaks on the point when she decided to be an entrepreneur  3:30 - Danielle shares her experience of working internationally  4:44 - Danielle describes coming back to the US and what that transition was like for her 6:16 - Getting direct and to the point  9:43 - Danielle speaks on the moment she decided to have children  13:53 - Sacrificing her vision for her husband 18:13 - Danielle speaks on whether she believes her children are proud of her   22:30 - “Being successful by helping other people succeed.” 25:18 - Why training should be aligned to your goals 26:41 - Why are people putting their passion over their skillset? The importance of focusing on your customer’s needs 29:23 - Discipline makes you do what you’re supposed to do  31:04 - Danielle introduces her software app, bizPROFI  31:55 - When she decided to add the D.I.S.C. assessment to her app 34:08 - The importance of focusing on the situation and the goal of the person in that situation. Taking a more situation-based approach.  35:13 - Danielle answers the question of whether or not she believes there is still a communication gap in international business  39:12 - Danielle speaks on testing her product in the development stage  41:00 - Has she experienced bias as a woman in tech  42:08 - The power of femininity  43:28 - Doing business with men 45:21 - Dolly Parton as the ephemeral woman  48:06 - Product development is redevelopment  51:17 - Danielle speaks on what STARVE means to her  54:27 - What’s next for bizPROFI?  57:59 - J Haleem thanks Danielle for being on the show
May 4 2022
58 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 16 "The Blerd Explorer"
Episode Description:  Have you ever thought about living abroad? If so, in which country would you reside? This week’s guest on S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk made his home in South Korea and has never looked back. Meet Phil, “The Blerd Explorer.” Blerd, (Black nerd), is not only embracing living abroad, but is now on a personal mission to help others live an Ex-Pat lifestyle. In this episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, The Blerd Explorer, shares with host J Haleem, his background in travel, the hardships he’s experienced since moving to South Korea, and why more minorities need to travel and leave their city and state.  Show Notes:  1:37 - J Haleem welcomes Phil, “The Blerd Explorer,” to S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk  2:03 - The Blerd Explorer shares his back story of getting into traveling and being inspired by a show on The Cartoon Network  4:22 - Recounting his 1st trip to S. Korea  5:12 - After visiting S. Korea, The Blerd Explorer shared what made him want to travel to other countries  5:54 - The Blerd Explorer shares more on why he chose to write a book for Black people to travel  7:27 - The Blerd Explorer shares the benefit of encouraging Black people not only to visit, but live in S. Korea  8:07 -Seoul is an “underrated” city according to The Blerd Explorer, but it has many benefits and features  9:36 - J Haleem shares an idea with The Blerd Explorer about interacting more with the American military  10:18 - The Blerd Explorer shares the top three hardships he endured by moving to Seoul  11:45 - Success as a first-time author  13:54 - The Blerd Explorer answers an important question, is Korean fried chicken the same as American? 14:58 - The Blerd Explorer shares the approach to his second book, which was to include stories of other Black people living in S. Korea  17:42 - Launching a business in South Korea  19:35 - Why most Americans will never leave their city or state  20:45 - Navigating coming back to the States  22:43 - Having a stronger peace of mind living abroad  24:27 - Encouraging others to take the risk & explore the world  26:07 - Opportunities African-Americans can take advantage of in their jobs & careers 27:30 - Managing COVID in S. Korea 30:07 - Where did the name “The Blerd Explorer,” came from?  30:49 - Is it now cool to be a “nerd?”  32:18 - The Blerd Explorer speaks on the content he’s creating 33:18 - Where did The Blerd Explorer’s name come from?  34:30 - What S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk means to him? 35:36 - The process of book publishing internationally Connect with The Blerd Explorer  IG - @theblerdexplorer  TikTok - @theblerdexplorer
Apr 27 2022
38 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 15 -Author Shawnise Chantell
Episode Description -  Did you know that there is a medicine that can erase portions of your memory? Neither did we until this week’s guest, Author Shawnise Chantell, shared it during her interview with host J Haleem. What should have been the most joyous occasion of her life, became the most traumatic, eventually leading her to flatline. After a bout with depression and anxiety, Author Shawnise Chantell, found a psychiatrist, who not only would work to restore her mental health, but encourage her to write her story. One thing is for sure, healing comes in many forms - and Author Shawnise Chantell is the picture of it.   Show Notes -  1:47 - J Haleem welcomes Shawnise Chantell to the show 2:33 - Author Shawnise shares her background in the medical field 5:03 - Author Shawnise speaks on the importance of knowing your purpose 5:58 - J Haleem speaks on passion being an uncontrollable emotion  7:45 - You have to have a why  9:38 - Author Shawnise speaks on having her daughter @ 15 & the subsequent life events that took place thereafter 12:24 - J Haleem speaks on telling your whole story 14:21 - Author Shawnise speaks on her support system 17:49 - Experiencing the “tough love,” that comes with having a baby at 15 19:56 - Having her second child, two years later, and getting her tubes tied, which not only lasted for six days, but lead to multiple surgeries, and an intense medical scare  27:04 - Author Shawnise Chantell introduces her debut novel, God Within a Lily 28:57 - Dealing with depression & anxiety 30:08 - Taking a medicine that causes you to wipe out the most traumatic moments of your memory  33:03 - Author Shawnise speaks on being encouraged to write a book from her Psychiatrist  34:32 - The moment she received her breakthrough  35:31 - Getting out what she needed from publishing her book  37:14 - J Haleem speaks on the freedom he obtained once he wrote his book  38:20 - Becoming more aware of who she is  39:20 - “Because of your courage,” I did not give up. Author Shawnise speaks on what she wants readers to get out of reading her book and hearing her story  42:26 - Author Shawnise speaks on her children’s take on her accomplishments  43:42 - Author Shawnise speaks on what S.T.A.R.V.E. means to her 46:05 - The importance of knowing & taking charge of your health 47:54 - God Within a Lily releases Summer 2022 50:00 - J Haleem thanks Author Shawnise for being a guest on the show   Connect with Author Shawnise -  Web: https://www.shawnisechantell.com (https://www.shawnisechantell.com) Social Media: Author Shawnise Chantell across all platforms  Ph: 612-PURPOSE (787-7073)
Apr 20 2022
50 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 14 - Sparkle "Go Urban City"
Episode Description -  Meet Sparkle, the beauty behind the brains of GoUrbanLasVegas. What started off as a three-day vacation to Las Vegas became a 14-day trip. Shortly thereafter, Sparkle continued to make her way from time-to-time to Vegas until one day she had a Divine encounter with God - who told her it was time to go and make Vegas her home. In this episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, Sparkle shares with J Haleem, the biggest misconception people have about Vegas, why it's important for us to untrain to retrain, and the importance of being honest with yourself.  Show Notes -  1:48 - J Haleem welcomes Sparkle to the show  4:43 - Sparkle shares the biggest misconception she has heard about Las Vegas 7:01 - Sparkle shares the dynamic of what caused her to move from California to Vegas 9:17 - “Success is understanding you’re going to try and fail.” Be mindful of your intent.  11:33 - Sparkle speaks on coming to Vegas for vacation for only 3 days & here she is                six years later.    14:34 - Overcoming hurdles 17:03 - J Haleem gives Sparkle her flowers  19:45 - That moment when Sparkle realized hustling & hard work was the winning               formula 20:40 - “Untrain to retrain” 22:32 - Sparkle describes her history of GoUrbanLasVegas 24:23 - The formula for results = commitment + consistency  25:26 - Collaboration and why its key  31:37 - Be honest with yourself 34:36 - Why is vulnerability hard to achieve in Black community? 38:21 - Sparkle speaks on Creating the Poppin’ Marketplace Family Festival  44:42 - J Haleem shares, “The fastest way to get something, is to give something.” 45:10 - Celebrate as we climb up the ladder 47:02 - Sparkle speaks on what Stand Tall & Reclaim Victory Means to Her  51:02 - The importance of knowing that somebody cares 53:43 - “MyShineMyGrind,”  - the mantra 57:13 - The importance of Black companies controlling the media  Connect with Sparkle:  Instagram - @gourbanlasvegas         @myshinemygrind          @gourbancity
Apr 13 2022
58 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 13 "Passionate Rebel" Warith Jumuah
Episode Description -  This week’s episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk is a family affair. J Haleem sits down with Founder of Passionate Rebel, Warith Jumuah, his personal family member. In this episode, they discuss the fashion & apparel industry, HBCUs and how they shape the Black experience, and why he chose to focus on children.  Show Notes:  1:17 - J Haleem welcomes Warith Jumuah to the show  2:07 - Warith speaks on his passions growing up/looking at television as a career opportunity  5:17 - Growing up in Newark, NJ and what life was like in the city 7:08 - Transition from high school to attending an HBCU  11:00 - HBCUs and the Black college experience  13:13 - Warith speaks on focusing on the positive and not being influenced by the negative  16:21 - “Between his words and her actions,” Warith speaks on his parents & their influence on his life  19:24 - Warith speaks to the point of setting a bar for yourself  21:18 - J Haleem speaks on school being the only thing you can set a clock to 24:31 - Start where you are  25:00 - The dangers of instant gratification. Your failure creates your success story  28:37 - Warith speaks on how he devoted himself to the power & responsibility of choosing a difficult path  30:29 - Warith speaks on being in education & not getting his degree on time because he couldn’t pass the test to become a certified teacher  32:30 - Warith speaks on launching his business “Passionate Rebel” 36:20 - Finally receiving his degree after being on pause from graduating in 2011  38:37 - J Haleem speaks on your passion killing  40:16 - Warith speaks on when he decided to focus on children  48:02 - Roadblocks to launching Passionate Rebel  53:02 - Warith speaks on creating a mascot  55:50 - Going through multiple designs and early beginnings of an apparel business  58:31 - J Haleem asks Warith his thoughts on the CEO of Zara’s statement, “America is where fashion goes to die.”  1:06:37 - Fashion as an initiative  1:13:50 - Warith speaks on what S.T.A.R.V.E. means to him  Connect with Warith:  @passionaterebel
Apr 6 2022
1 hr 29 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 12 - Derrick "JOD" Washington
Episode Description:  Derrick JOD Washington is considered family to those of us here at Team #iwontstarve. Over the years, he has grown from a local musician/rapper based in Columbia, SC to now becoming a Master Barber in Atlanta, GA. A journey that led him to Tyler Perry Studios and now CBS. If you are looking for inspiration and motivation to keep going no matter what - look no further than JOD! In this sit down on S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, JOD gets candid with J Haleem as he shares the highs and lows of the journey to Atlanta, being passionate about a thing, but choosing his natural ability, and making a song for the Las Vegas Raiders through Baddguyz Entertainment.  Show Notes:  1:23 - Host J Haleem welcomes Derrick “JOD” Washington to the show  2:32 - JOD shares his background and the dedication of about 20 years of his life to music  4:47 - The importance of not fighting against yourself and your natural abilities  8:10 - How bad do you want it? 9:28 - JOD describes the shift in his stress level and no longer dealing with ulcers  12:32 - That moment when life shifts and some things are no longer a worry  14:03 - Being able to sustain yourself  15:09 - Conversing with his now adult daughter who is on her way to being an EMT  19:55 - Working at Tyler Perry Studios & becoming elite in his craft 21:20 - Joining at the Barbers Union & being able to spread his wings 22:10 - JOD Highlights the movies he’s worked on Black Panther, Black Panther II, Spider-Man & now CBS  23:02 - JOD speaks on work ethic  24:43- JOD shares his three tips for success  26:08 - JOD describes his entrepreneurial journey  27:58 - Training employees on your team  28:43 - Yesterday’s price is not today’s price  30:32 - Dealing with haters & naysayers  32:24 - Why it’s hard for people to celebrate others  36:52 - JOD answers the question of how his mentorship has shifted with success  40:05 - The blessing of being able to give back  41:00 - JOD speaks on making a song for the Las Vegas Raiders  43:47 - J Haleem drops a title for one of his next books, Passion Kills, A S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk exclusive 46:46 - It’s not who you are, it’s who you become  51:05 - What the acronym S.T.A.R.V.E. means to him  52:45 - You can’t skip steps  59:06 - J Haleem thanks JOD for being on the show  Connect with JOD:  IG: @jodtheartist  FB: Derrick JOD Washington  Music:  YouTube: @baddguyz
Mar 30 2022
59 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 11 - Tosha Dash
Episode Description:  By all accounts, Tosha Dash had a very successful career in Academia. Whether she was advising students on their majors or ensuring their college registration process was smooth, things were looking up. Until one day, the rug was pulled from under her, and she was let go. From there, her entrepreneurship journey began. In this episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, Tosha sits down with host J Haleem and shares her new journey of education - educating entrepreneurs on leveraging business credit.  Show Notes  00:58 - J Haleem welcomes Tosha Dash to S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk  2:09 - Tosha speaks on her journey to entrepreneurship  4:30 - As someone who grew up with blue collar parents, Tosha shares her thoughts on blue collar workers/jobs  8:35 - Tosha speaks on her Career choice after graduating college  12:52  - Tosha speaks on why it’s important for high schoolers to know what they want to do before college  16:02 - Having the “college conversation,” with her daughter  17:23 - Moving into entrepreneurship after Corporate America  19:13 - Tosha talks about the process of becoming a life insurance agent 21:30 - What prevents Black families from investing in life insurance  23:34 - Why we have to break generational curses  27:57 - Biggest moment that prepared her for entrepreneurship  29:51 - Obstacles she had to overcome in order to move from employee to entrepreneur 32:12 - J Haleem speaks on entrepreneurship being a hot topic 34:36 - Starting a business in her name  36:14 - Biggest misconception as a financial analyst 39:15 - Education is key!  41:06 - Tosha speaks on her “rough patch” in entrepreneurship  45:12 - Getting it out of the mud and why discipline is important  46:27 - What made her start educating business owners in entrepreneurship  48:30 - Business & Relationships  50:48 - What S.T.A.R.V.E. means to her  54:32 - “ If you didn’t have bad days, then you wouldn’t appreciate the good.”  Connect with Tosha: Grab your FREE business consultation here:  https://www.shedreamsllc.com (https://www.shedreamsllc.com) Instagram: @toshteachesbusinesses Facebook: Tosh Dash
Mar 23 2022
58 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 10 - Bianca Fly - "The Beautiful Butterfly Radio Show"
Episode Description -  Bianca Fly, host of The Beautiful Butterfly Radio Show, has a career in radio that spans a decade. She launched her show upon discovering that a platform was missing for artists, entrepreneurs, and entertainers that truly gave her a voice. In this week’s episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, she sits down with J Haleem and has a candid conversation on media platforms and what truly makes a radio host, why it’s important to invest in your craft, and one of the biggest interviews she’s had so far, Mildred Muhammad, former wife of the DC Sniper.  Show Notes -  1:24 - J Haleem welcomes Bianca Fly to the show 2:24 - How the Beautiful Butterfly Radio Show got Started 4:20 - What did Bianca Fly do before radio?  7:00 - Bianca Fly shares life advice - do something that makes you happy 7:29 - How do you marry your passion and your life/business?  9:55 - How B. Fly focuses on her guest. Invest in people investing in you  11:43 - B. Fly’s thoughts on why people chase larger platforms  15:52 - Bianca Fly shares the biggest interview that she’s had - Mildred Muhammad (Wife of DC Sniper) 19:31 - Bianca Fly answers the question of what gives her reassurance 21:08 - Having a balanced platform 24:02 - Challenges of getting male guests  24:44 - B. Fly describes her prep process  27:55 - Taking it to the next level  32:18 - Moving from free to a paid interview platform  39:23 - Why is it hard for people to invest in themselves?  41:00 - How she came up with the name Beautiful Butterfly Radio Show  43:31 - Invest in what you do  44:10 - What makes a radio host?  47:26 - What the acronym S.T.A.R.V.E. means to her?  50:17 - Bianca Fly shares how you can connect with her  Social Media -  Facebook: @Thebeautifulbutterflyradioshow Instagram: @thebeautifulbutterflyshow Twitter: @butterflyshow
Mar 16 2022
52 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 9 - Willie C. Williams
Episode Description-  Solitary confinement is not the space most inmates want to find themselves, especially not for six months. For S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk guest, Willie C. Williams, Author of Ballin’ it was right where he needed to be. In this episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, Willie sits down with host and creator, J Haleem and discusses the decision that lead to him being sentenced to 45 years, writing two books in prison, and the inspiration for his now reformed life - his daughter.   Show Notes -  1:03 - J Haleem welcomes Willie Williams to the show  1:48 - Mr. Williams speaks on growing up in small-town Mullins, SC 4:28 - Willie explains what happens when you go off to college as a young man with no supervision  5:44 - Willie explains his journey of getting involved in the streets  6:21 - Willie explains the turning point in his life, that lead to him being sentenced to 45 years for attempted murder  7:47 -The “shift” that changed his mindset 9:06 - How a cellphone lead to six months in solitary confinement & the beginning of his writing 11:11 - Willie shares his 5-Year Plan  14:20 - The process of parole 17:00 - Being on a “prison farm,” with no supervision 18:11 - Willie shared the inspiration for his book title  23:22 - Willie shares the game plan to his book release 30:18 - Willie shares the steps he took to learn more about construction  31:14 - The challenges of entrepreneurship and starting his company, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Preservation, LLC 34:03 - Seek Spiritual Wisdom 35:33 - BALLIN’ - does the phrase mean the same to Willie now?  38:13 - J Haleem speaks on the Black community needing to tell their story more  41:11 - Willie describes what S.T.A.R.V.E. Means to him?  46:00 - Jay thanks Willie for being a guest Social Media -  @willie_c_williams on all platforms
Mar 9 2022
50 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 8 - Daraine Delevante Pt. 2
Daraine Delevante, known as the “Credit Hero,” is also an Army vet. Daraine’s beginnings with credit and understanding consumer law did not occur until he came to the United States, from his native country, Jamaica. After joining the military and losing his job, he began his credit journey that took from a 604 (on Credit Karma) to over an 800, multiple times. Daraine has been where you are, especially if you have struggled with bad credit. In this conversation with J Haleem, Daraine takes a deep dive into the basic credit knowledge we all need to know, why it’s important to leave credit education to your children, and why late payments are illegal. NOTE: This episode is being released in a two-part series.  Part Two - Daraine Delevante - “The Credit Hero”  To listen to part one, click here: https://starvetalk.captivate.fm/episode/s-tarve-talk-episode-8-pt-1-credit-hero-daraine-delevante (https://starvetalk.captivate.fm/episode/s-tarve-talk-episode-8-pt-1-credit-hero-daraine-delevante) 1:06:00 - J Haleem and Daraine pick up having a conversation about trap money. Daraine asks the pertinent question of, “what if?”  1:09:00 - “You’re used to moving bricks. What about freight now?” 1:11:00 - J Haleem touches on and reiterates the importance of sharing knowledge through his                 podcast.  1:14:00 - You can live the life you want, but it comes with hard work. 1:16:00 - J Haleem and Daraine have a conversation about charge-offs 1:17:00 - J Haleem asked as a person who educates on consumer credit law, when do you advise someone to pay their bills.  1:19:00 - Daraine shares his advice and reasons why you should not pay collection companies 1:21:00 - The homebuying process and debt collection  1:23:00 - The importance of being proactive 1:25:00 - Living paycheck-to-paycheck, will never be enough  1:27:00 - Consumer Law: 15-USC-1681A  1:30:00 - What should not be on your consumer report 1:33:33 - Daraine reiterates what your consumer credit report should NOT contain and why certain factors are strictly for your FICO score.  1:36:36 - Tell your own “credit,” story 1:38:06 - Daraine speaks on what S.T.A.R.V.E. means to him 1:41:00 - Grab Daraine’s special eBook bundle EXCLUSIVELY for S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk audience members here: https://dfs.darainedelevante.com/47-ebook-bundle-offer ( https://dfs.darainedelevante.com/47-ebook-bundle-offer) 1:44:00 - J Haleem speaks on the importance of giving yourself a shot  1:46:20 - J Haleem speaks on what lead him to create the #iwontstarve movement  1:53:00 - J Haleem thanked everyone for listening.
Mar 2 2022
49 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. TALK- Episode 8 Pt. 1 - "Credit Hero"  Daraine Delevante
Episode Description - Daraine Delevante Daraine Delevante, known as the “Credit Hero,” is also an Army vet. Daraine’s beginnings with credit and understanding consumer law did not occur until he came to the United States, from his native country, Jamaica. After joining the military and losing his job, he began his credit journey that took from a 604 (on Credit Karma) to over an 800, multiple times. Daraine has been where you are, especially if you have struggled with bad credit. In this conversation with J Haleem, Daraine takes a deep dive into the basic credit knowledge we all need to know, why it’s important to leave credit education to your children, and why late payments are illegal. NOTE: This episode is being released in a two-part series.  Show Notes:  1:20 - J Haleem welcomes Daraine to the show 2:06 - Daraine shares how he was first introduced to his credit score via Credit Karma  3:04 - Daraine speaks on his time in the military and why/how service members often struggle in this area 5:12 - Originally from Jamaica, Daraine shares his journey of taking a leap of faith of leaving his home country and coming to the US 6:28 - Why it’s important to be your biggest cheerleader 9:00 - A Word of Advice, “Do not cosign for anyone,” 12:00 - The Paradigm Shift - Daraine’s journey to positive credit.  13:22 - When enough is enough 15:01 - After losing his job, Daraine speaks on finding an alternative source of income and the Grace of God 16:16 - Two books that changed his life/mindset - Rich Dad, Poor Dad & Think & Grow Rich 20:54 - Don’t be dependent on a job 22:25 - While deployed in Kuwait, Daraine read 140 books on personal/self-development 24:31 - Building an 800 credit score  25:34 - Factors that contribute to your credit score  Payment history Utilization Mixture of Credit Length of Credit History 27:20 - Steps to improve your credit score 28:55 - Late payments are illegal  33:50 - Utilize other people’s money to get rich 37:08 - To dispel the myth of credit, you have to unlearn & relearn 38:35 - Credit is a tool that can get you in “good debt,” 44:53 - Legacy & the importance of passing on credit knowledge to your children 47:14 - Invest in yourself 48:21 - “If you live in your truth, you can walk down someone else’s path.” ~ J Haleem 52:01 - Rich people know the cost of everything, and the value of nothing 59:11 - You can get paid for having bad credit 1:00:00 - Learn how to leverage credit  STAY TUNED FOR PART TWO!  Connect with Daraine here:  Website: https://darainedelevante.com/ (https://darainedelevante.com/) Instagram: @the_credit_hero Facebook: @dfscredithero Twitter: @darained To take advantage of the special ebook Bundle deal, click here: https://dfs.darainedelevante.com/47-ebook-bundle-offer (https://dfs.darainedelevante.com/47-ebook-bundle-offer)
Feb 23 2022
1 hr 4 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 7 - Haneef Wynn
Episode Description  Whenever J Haleem sits down with Haneef Wynn it’s guaranteed to be a family reunion. Especially with a friendship that has spanned more than 20 years. You will hear Jay say multiple times during the interview that “he knows his story.” In this episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, we invite you to listen in as Haneef shares his musical journey and background, his journey to entrepreneurship, and the importance of having family support, especially in the trucking industry.  Show Notes  1:35 - Jay welcomes Haneef to the show  2:45 - Haneef shares his thoughts on what it means for him to reflect back on all his talents and career 4:52 - Jay asked Haneef if he is pleased when he thinks about today’s hip-hop, since he grew up in the Wu-Tang era  9:05 -Haneef discusses the music & lyrics that were the soundtrack to his coming of age 12:24 - Haneef speaks on entrepreneurship and wishing his “entrepreneurial ear,” was turned on sooner.  14:24 - What it means to focus on yourself 18:40 - J Haleem speaks on making the change to the name of his podcast 20:03 - Jay asks Haneef what S.T.A.R.V.E. means to him?  21:24 - Making the move to ATL  23:28 - Don’t follow your passion. Take it with you. Click here, to read the article: https://jhaleem.com/blog/f/dont-follow-your-passion-take-your-passion-with-you (https://jhaleem.com/blog/f/dont-follow-your-passion-take-your-passion-with-you) 24:38 - Haneef speaks on why it’s important to qualify the people in your circle  26:53 - Haneef speaks on jumping out into entrepreneurship and the journey he has been on 32:20 - An answered prayer “Stay in it,” 36:00 - Becoming a trucking “authority” 40:13 - Get comfortable being uncomfortable  42:01 - Why “eating what you kill can become an addiction?”  43:12 - Entrepreneurship is providing opportunities for others  45:17 - Why growing too fast is not a good thing  48:11 - The importance of having a stable family life in your business 53:14 - What does S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk mean to him? 57:33 - Haneef gives Jay his flowers 1:04:04 - Haneef thanks Jay for having him on the show To connect with JW Supreme Express NOW HIRING TRUCKERS!  JW Supreme Express, LLC Social media: @jwsupremexpress Website: https://www.jwsupremeexpress.com (https://www.jwsupremeexpress.com)
Feb 16 2022
1 hr 7 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 6 - Tryphena Rogers
Episode Description Tryphena Rogers, CEO of Legacy Beauty, LLC has learned a lot as a small business owner. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, she made a decision and chose a better life for herself and her children that landed her in Las Vegas. COVID-19 forced her to take a short sabbatical from work. This sabbatical changed her life and put her in position to launch her business. In this episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, Tryphena shares with host J Haleem, her struggle with depression, what to do when you want to give up, and how you can truly utilize your job as not only your primary investor, but also as your primary learning ground.  Show Notes 2:04 - J Haleem welcomes Tryphena to the show 2:34 - Tryphena shares on what prompted her move from LA to Las Vegas 3:45 - The danger of not knowing that you can have more 5:18 - What’s holding you back? 7:17 - Dealing with depression and coping mechanisms of pulling yourself out of it 10:00 - Hair as therapy? Tryphena knows a thing about it 11:44 - Starting a business in the Pandemic 14:00 - When you invest in yourself, something great is going to happen for you 15:30 - Tryphena speaks on the 1st step to starting her business 19:30 - One of the hardest struggles she has endured 24:02 - Find your people. Mentorship matters.  25:04 - Working full-time, while also running a business 26:54 - J Haleem speaks on the importance of having discipline 35:30 - Tryphena speaks on what to do when “you can’t do this,” - the importance of feeling 37:29 - Social media & the importance of branding 39:40 - Later, a Social Media Scheduling App 43:23 - Learn on the job 44:14 - Grab J Haleem’s book, https://iwontstarve.com/shop/ols/products/u-wont-starve-key-principles-for-entrepreneur-development (U Won’t Starve: Key Principles for Entrepreneur Development ) 48:44 - The challenges of getting a job as a convicted felon 51:51 - Tryphena speaks on what S.T.A.R.V.E. means to her Connect with Tryphena:  Instagram:  @legacybeautyllc @ceo_legacybeauty
Feb 9 2022
55 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 5 - Annie Godfrey
Episode Description:  Annie Godfrey is an experienced entrepreneur/small business owner of Waterworks Laundry in Newark, New Jersey. She and her husband started the business in 2007, while Annie remained in her corporate career in Human Resources at the time. Due to organizational restructuring, she took the plunge into full-time business ownership in 2018. Now, she is on a journey to empower the youth, creating businesses that the community needs, and providing services that separate her from the competition. In this episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, Annie sits down with J Haleem and takes a deep dive into the subject of entrepreneurship.  Show Notes:  3:07 - J Haleem Welcomes Annie to the Show 4:20 - Annie talks about the beginning of WaterWorks, established 2007 6:34 - Annie speaks on transitional moments in her business 8:08 - J Haleem and Annie discuss the differences in workforce generations and their behavior in the workplace 10:02 - Annie’s thoughts on creating a business people need versus following trends 11:57 - That moment when you would use your services 14:33 - The “Shock” Factor when customers discover WaterWorks is black-owned 16:57 - J Haleem speaks on the importance of being able to articulate your business 22:00 - Annie speaks on the importance of listening to young people 24:33 - J Haleem asks Annie to define “victory,” and what it means to her 29:07 - J Haleem speaks on his HBCU experience with entrepreneurship 30:16 - Annie’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs 34:42 - Annie speaks on the danger of business being “under” capitalized 38:35 - The importance of partnerships & the limitations on free money 41:26 - Volunteering - the way to serve to learn 48:02 - What S.T.A.R.V.E. means to Annie 52:06 - J Haleem gives Annie her flowers To connect with Annie:  Websites: https://www.waterworkslaundry.com (https://www.waterworkslaundry.com) https://www.smartsuds.com (https://www.smartsuds.com) Instagram: @waterworkslaundry  Facebook: 970Bergen
Feb 2 2022
55 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 4 - Singleton Newman
Episode Description -  Singleton Newman and J Haleem have a long-standing relationship of more than 15 years, initially meeting when she and J Haleem were both in the music & entertainment industry. In this interview, they speak candidly about Singleton’s new career as a social media manager, the creation of her social media management agency, New Hope Digital, and her best advice for creating brand awareness.  Show Notes -  1:24 - J Haleem welcomes Singleton to the show  2:54 - Singleton introduces herself & her company, New Hope Digital  6:24 - Singleton speaks on the importance of being approachable from her days in radio  8:37 - Singleton speaks on the transition from being a radio host to working with artists solo  10:42 - J Haleem speaks on the importance of artist’s understanding the business of music  12:30 - The importance of investing in yourself  16:14 - Who’s in your corner?  23:16 - Singleton speaks on doing it afraid and the importance of moving through fear  25:18 - J Haleem shares the why of entrepreneurship, creating opportunities for others  32:05 - Singleton shares her advice for those working in traditional industries, i.e., government contracting and social media  43:49 - Why Clubhouse and other apps such as Twitter Spaces & Facebook Rooms are important  46:09 - Are you New Hope’s Digital Ideal Customer for 2022?  52:53 - Importance of setting boundaries/Rules of Engagement for Clients  55:37 - J Haleem speaks on playing the way you practice  57:18 - J Haleem gives Singleton her flowers & thanks her for being a guest Follow Singleton:  @newhopedigital - FB/IG/TikTok  On the web: https://www.newhopedigital.com
Jan 26 2022
1 hr
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 3 - Robert "Twixx" Taylor
Episode Description:  From as early as six years old, Robert “Twixx” Taylor knew he was born to be an entrepreneur. That’s how old he was when he started cutting hair. A career, unbeknownst to him at the time, that would last him 20 years. Being an entrepreneur and small business owner in North Las Vegas and seeing not only the discrepancies, but the disparities are what lead Twixx to run for Mayor of North Las Vegas. In this episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, Robert Taylor discusses his ideas and thoughts on commerce, his platform as mayor, and how the community of North Las Vegas has changed.  Show Notes:  1:00 - J Haleem Welcomes Twixx to the show 1:54 - Twixx speaks about his first business venture owning a barbershop.  3:14 - J Haleem shares his experience of being a student at an HBCU and being discouraged             from pursuing entrepreneurship.  4:20 - Twixx speaks on the importance of individuals having a trade while in the midst of the            Pandemic 6:24 - Twixx speaks on the subject of entrepreneurship and his journey to being an  entrepreneur, which began at 6 years old. Once he started making some money, his dad took away his lunch money.  8:28 - What is the makeup of North Las Vegas? How many people currently reside in the city             and what cities are they coming from?  9:16 - How has the community of NLV changed in the last 10 years?  10:18  - Twixx speaks on what ultimately led to his decision to run for Mayor of North Las Vegas. 12:08 - When asked about commerce, Twixx speaks on the importance of small businesses 14:26 - Where has leadership failed in NLV? Twixx’s answer - visibility  16:34 - Twixx believes in partnerships. One he will work to implement when he becomes mayor              is a mental health partnership.  20:02 - Politics as usual? Not for TWIXX. Rather than focusing on the business, his platform is  based on the people. 21:36 - J Haleem salutes Twixx for stepping out into politics  22:01 - Twixx shares an encouraging word for people to support his mayoral run.  24:00 - J Haleem encourages his audience to financially support the campaign.  To follow Robert “Twixx” Taylor, visit:  https://www.roberttaylorfnlvmayor.com (https://www.roberttaylorfnlvmayor.com) Instagram:  @roberttaylor4nlvmayor @vegastwixx  To donate via CashApp: $RT4Mayor
Jan 19 2022
25 mins
S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 2 - Attorney Katherine Myers
Would you apply to 18 law schools? Attorney Katherine Myers Wilson did. She applied to 18, was accepted by 15, rejected by 3, which included the one she really wanted to attend...the one her friend was accepted to. Attorney Myers has had a long career in the legal industry including working with the South Carolina Supreme Court and is no stranger to fighting for the rights of others in and out of the courtroom. She has transitioned from working with lawyers to launching her own business, Myers Law Firm. In this interview with J Haleem, Attorney Myers gets candid about her entrepreneurship journey, building her own table, and the importance of leaving a living legacy.  02:22 - Introduction of Guest 03:42 - Attorney Myers Shares her Early Beginnings 07:22 - Attorney Myers Discusses How She Applied to 18 Law Schools 09:03 - Is Rejection a Sign to Move Forward with Your Dreams or Abort Them? 10:10 - The Business of Education & The Importance of Having a Plan   13:00 - Parents, Your Children Are Looking to You 15:19 - Attorney Myers recounts her Law Career Including an Appointment with the South              Carolina Supreme Court  16:12 - Am I Where I Want to Be? 17:40 - I Am Good Enough 18:56 - Building Her Table 20:05 - The System is Against Entrepreneurs 26:15 - Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset 28:43 - How to Handle Low Profit Generating Months in Business 29:48 - When Giving is the Answer 32:00 - The Power of Community  34:30 - Legacy & Lineage 37:15 - Definition of Success  Follow Attorney Myers: @katrmyers_law  Follow Myers Law Firm: http://www.myerslf.com (www.myerslf.com) Follow J Haleem: @iamjhaleem  Connect with J Haleem: http://www.jhaleem.com (www.jhaleem.com)
Jan 12 2022
43 mins