S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 2 - Attorney Katherine Myers


Jan 12 2022 • 43 mins

Would you apply to 18 law schools? Attorney Katherine Myers Wilson did. She applied to 18, was accepted by 15, rejected by 3, which included the one she really wanted to attend...the one her friend was accepted to. Attorney Myers has had a long career in the legal industry including working with the South Carolina Supreme Court and is no stranger to fighting for the rights of others in and out of the courtroom. She has transitioned from working with lawyers to launching her own business, Myers Law Firm. In this interview with J Haleem, Attorney Myers gets candid about her entrepreneurship journey, building her own table, and the importance of leaving a living legacy.  02:22 - Introduction of Guest 03:42 - Attorney Myers Shares her Early Beginnings 07:22 - Attorney Myers Discusses How She Applied to 18 Law Schools 09:03 - Is Rejection a Sign to Move Forward with Your Dreams or Abort Them? 10:10 - The Business of Education & The Importance of Having a Plan   13:00 - Parents, Your Children Are Looking to You 15:19 - Attorney Myers recounts her Law Career Including an Appointment with the South              Carolina Supreme Court  16:12 - Am I Where I Want to Be? 17:40 - I Am Good Enough 18:56 - Building Her Table 20:05 - The System is Against Entrepreneurs 26:15 - Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset 28:43 - How to Handle Low Profit Generating Months in Business 29:48 - When Giving is the Answer 32:00 - The Power of Community  34:30 - Legacy & Lineage 37:15 - Definition of Success  Follow Attorney Myers: @katrmyers_law  Follow Myers Law Firm: http://www.myerslf.com (www.myerslf.com) Follow J Haleem: @iamjhaleem  Connect with J Haleem: http://www.jhaleem.com (www.jhaleem.com)