The Alcazar: A Halloween Special

The Endless Elsewhere Podcast

Oct 3 2022 • 1 hr 11 mins

Lindsay and Joseph join forces with the True Welievers to investigate a terrifying new mystery in the crossover event of the season!

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Lindsay Leck as Lindsay Mallyn

J.P. Leck as The Circle City Collector

Matthew Ruin as Danny Weliever

Jamie Butler as Erin Weliever

Samuel Dumas as Curt Weliever

Mindy Wesson as Violet

Timothy Renshaw as the Weliever’s Narrator

Stephanie Dumas as the Librarian

The Endless Elsewhere Podcast was created by J.P. Leck.

It is written, directed, recorded, engineered, and mixed by J.P. Leck.

All rights reserved.

Original Music from Revealing Deities and Miscreations by Hans Leck.

Additional music from Zapsplat and Purple Planet.

Artwork by J.P. Leck.

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