Okay, so... Another Podcast? (Bachelor Edition: Joey) Episode 1 Season 28 Recap

Okay, so... Another Podcast?

Jan 30 2024 • 1 hr 23 mins

Welcome to the first episode of, "Okay, so... Another Podcast?" I guess? I find myself saying the filler phrase, "okay, so..." often and when coming up with a name, it only made since for my vocabulary, or lack thereof. And I love to watch The Bachelor franchise! So, I thought, why not get my husband involved, start something new, and see what this can turn into.

Today we will recap the first episode of Joey's season of The Bachelor, season 28.
We will give our honest opinions of the contestants and Joey as well as a quick slice of life update on us, the hosts, Leah and Justin.

Video podcast are posted on YouTube weekly. Audio can be heard anywhere you listen to podcast.

Thanks for listening!

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