[Recover Strong] RE-WRITING your body image story with Nia Patterson

The Recovery Warrior Shows

Jan 10 2024 • 36 mins

What stories do you tell yourself about your body?

That's what fellow recovery warrior and mental health advocate Nia Patterson asks in their new body image workbook What's The Story?.

Nia is a social activist, artist, content creator, podcaster, and business and body image coach. You may know Nia as @thefriendineverwanted online, where they share messages about eating disorder recovery, body liberation, fat activism, body acceptance, and more.

In November 2023, Nia released their first book titled What's the Story?: A Guided Walkthrough of the Stories You Tell Yourself About Your Body. In this episode, they join host Andrea Wells to discuss this book and share their experience of pursuing eating disorder recovery as a queer black person in a larger body.

Take a listen to hear how you can rewrite your own body story, and how advocating for body liberation can be an important part of the recovery process (no matter what size your body is).

Key Takeaways from the episode:

  • Body Neutrality: Nia Patterson introduces the concept of body acceptance spectrum, emphasizing that aiming for body tolerance is a valid step in recovery, rather than solely aiming for body love or acceptance. This nuanced approach allows individuals to acknowledge where they are in their recovery journey and sets realistic goals for progress.
  • Early Focus on Body Liberation: Nia stresses the importance of addressing body liberation as an early step in the recovery process, challenging the traditional approach that prioritizes it as a later concern. This shift in mindset can revolutionize how we support individuals in their recovery journeys.
  • Combatting Internalized Fatphobia: The episode delves into the impact of internalized fat phobia and societal beauty standards on individuals' mental health. Nia provides valuable insights on reframing negative thoughts and the ongoing process of distancing from unattainable beauty ideals.





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