[Beyond Body] “Activity Anorexia”: When EXERCISE becomes something to CONTROL

The Recovery Warrior Shows

Feb 5 2024 • 40 mins

"And for some reason, I thought if I was smaller, I would somehow be better at my sport."

Sherry is a driven woman. Someone you would want on your team because you would trust that she wouldn't give up and would give it her all.

This trait has served her well in her career, academics, and athletics, but not with food and exercise. Sherry starved herself and ran herself ragged for years trying to be smaller.

After the sudden and traumatic loss of her Dad when she was only 13, exercise became something she turned to for control when the world around her felt unsafe and out of control.

After joining the Courage Club, Sherry's life turned around. She found appreciation for the strength and power of her body. And now that she is not trying to make her body smaller or be beholden to a set of rules, she's found movement that makes her feel wonderful.

Listen in for the full story as Sherry shares her body story with Jessica Flint.


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What exactly is Beyond Body?

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